Maintenance Law–Uphold Right to Live with Dignity and Respect for Women in Marital Discord

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Marriage knot making me die and tired of stepping into courts... I am in my 40s and got married in 1999 and have two children. After 11 years of marital life me with my husband had rift and in 2011 filed a case for maintenance. The final order came in 2016 for INR 10,000 per month to be paid as maintenance, but my husband although rich never paid and even transferred his property to his brother. I approached Police, Courts and NGOs nothing worked out to have minimum basic needs.

Sing the petition in helping many women like me fighting for maintenance in court. Your support gives me dignity to live. 

Vasavya Mahila Mandali, NGO conducted a study on Maintenance and challenges in implementation with a sample of 120 women got Court orders. Only 40% of husbands pay maintenance for few months and then discontinue.

There are various provisions under Indian laws which give the wife, a right to claim maintenance from her husband. Maintenance laws and rules differ from religion to religion in India. In spite of various existing laws and judgement delivered by the Supreme court of India, the fact remains that women are not getting maintenance. The plight of such women is pathetic.


· Punishment of a man will not resolve the issue of woman’s and children’s miserable life so amendment in laws are strictly recommended.

·  The court orders issued should be executed in true letter and spirit by the Police. The police should prioritize to catch hold of the absconding husband and not simply shed off its duty on the ground that we don’t have that much man power.

Sign my petition to give life to single women and children.