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Order of uniform laws for tenant all over India. Stop #TenantExploitation

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Summarising points as I feel description is a bit lengthy so many supporters might not read it all

1) We are raising voice against Tenant Exploitation and demand a uniform tenant law.
2) No discrimination should be practised based on marital status/bachelor or married couple staying away from family.
3) A stricter law which applies to societies, owners as well as to tenant which ensures any wrong practice, illogical rules and regulations aren't imposed based on emotions or mentality of few. 
4) Proper check on amount of security deposit asked from Tenants (likes of Bangalore asking 10-11 months of security deposit)
5) Stop discrimination on usage of society amenities for bachelors or tenants. If owners are paying for amenities, tenants should also be allowed to use facilities upon payment. Many societies don't allow tenants to use Gym, swimming pool, common recreation areas. 

If you feel being harassed and ill-treated and could connect to any of the above mentioned point, please SIGN this petition. You can read more below as I have mentioned issues in detail. 

FULL Context Below:

is a independent country with centralised judiciary, laws and rights as per our constitution. Our rights are common to everyone be it rich or poor, educated or illiterate. And we all know this too. I had to bring this as few associations or people; even the well educated ones, forget about them and at times feel much more superior to constitutional rights.

Every now and then, we see cases of tussle between tenants and society, where latter always seem to have an upper hand and dictate terms even if it's incorrect as per law. This kind of behaviour is common in Pune and Bangalore and I am sure it will be similar if not worse in other parts of urban India. Even the well educated senior citizens of our country criticise and continuously push societies/associations to have strict rule for tenants be it bachelors or family.

This categorisation of tenant based on marital status(married couple with family staying away/unmarried /live-in), gender and native is another form of hypocrisy pushed deep into our roots even in 2017. We are looking at 2020 and hoping to be a developed nation but it can never be achieved if thoughts of citizens are still under-developed or I should bluntly say backward.

Rules are formed and modified at will. Had they been equally proactive towards other issues like water, electricity, greenery, etc and followed norms for security as per law, things would have been really good. But no, 90% of their concentration is towards tightening the screws for bachelors or tenants. Even the promised amenities to owners/landlords are not provided in most of the societies when a flat is given on rent. Owners are still paying maintenance and even then societies are failing to maintain proper functioning of gym, swimming pools, club houses and everything else.

Being an owner or president of society doesn't mean the person to just objectify tenants and ignore wrong deeds of owners. Today, societies are seen pointing out tenants for smoking, drinking, guests, interactions with other residents and even standing in balconies (I will share one such recent notice in attachment).

Where are the rules for owners then? I have seen and many of us would also agree that owners have visited public or common areas with cigarettes in their hand walking casually. Or over a weekend an almost fainted owner returning late night from a party creating disgusting scenes in parking lots, lifts, stairs, etc. Have they being reprimanded by society or been fined heavily for this behaviour or threatened to leave society? Answer is NO and society association can't even do that since they had purchased the flat. So, in same way tenants specially bachelors are paying more rent then any family will ever pay for same flat. Bachelors are forced to pay 10% extra each year which they have to agree but one cannot force a family tenant to pay 10% extra every year.

Recently, a lady posted about being checked by her society about male friends visits at her flat. Even when her owner dint have any problem with it, some cheap minded people in society pointed out that to society officials seeking an action. I believe she was first warned indirectly and when thing dint work out their way, society went one extra mile in taking pain of pasting a notice just opposite her flat's main door saying opposite gender visitors should be avoided or strict action will be taken. Can you believe it? I am 100% certain that same society would not have even bothered if tenants had complained about wrong deeds by any of the owner. In this case this was a lady who was reminded and warned publicly about something that doesn't even count as wrong. For a male bachelor, situation is even worse as they are seen like drunkards, smokers, hippies, ill-managed, pathetic human beings who even after working 5 days a week, 10 hours per day and spending most of their day in office, can't even stand in their balconies and are considered threat to overall comfort to other residents and facilities in the society.

I am not a bachelor but a tenant who recently got married. Since I am staying away from family, only I and my wife stay here in Pune. We have visitors over the weekend like any other owner would have over the weekend. Sometime we go out with female friends to market or late night for parties. Since few of stalkers (oldies and young) keep track of who goes where and with whom, they doubted if I was a bachelor or married. Even I already had submitted my rent agreement where it is clearly mentioned that I am married along with police verification and owner personally went to society's desk to confirm that. I remember one such day in last month when I went to market with my female friend while my wife was at home handling other friends at flat. A guard came running behind me and stopped me to ask if I was married or unmarried. I was surprised and then got angry with this disgusting question. Not that I found this question foul because he was asking me if I am married but just because I went out with a female friend to market and it had happened in past, someone (I know who it could be, a respectful senior citizen being completely idle, living here since inception and thinking as if he is the society owner himself) who was more than interested in my life told guard to ask this from me. To which I replied him to let the question come directly to me from the one who asked and should I paste a tag or something on me which should confirm if I am married or un-married.

Who are these educated illiterates who based on marital status could judge and spread false news to everyone else in the society? Even in small altercation, when they come to know that other person is a tenant, confidence level goes to maximum as its a general notion amongst owners/society presidents hat tenants need to keep their tone soft.

Additionally there are cases of owners/landlords/brokers asking for 10 months security deposit in Bangalore. From where will a fresher give 10 months security deposit if he/she has just passed from college. Don't people thing before making a rule?

These are general problem that I had seen when I was bachelor and now also I am facing even after marriage. We are ready to abide by rules but those rules should not be specific to tenants only. Rules are for everyone and if exceptions are to be made for bulk of residents then there is no point in implementing them. Also most important motive is to let this reach everyone in Pune/Bangalore, etc. So that people could share their experience and most importantly share snaps/proofs and experience of these wrong doings. 

We want Hon'ble Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs along with Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to push for a Uniform Tenant Law with following inclusions:

  1. Procedure for reporting unethical laws pushed by Societies/welfare associations.
  2. Strict restriction on security amount equivalent to 2 months rent and mechanism to report the same if forced.
  3. Making welfare associations to adhere to guidelines and code of conduct set by government and ministries.
  4. Preventing cases of exploitation of bachelor tenants against societies that deny flat/house on rent to them.

Lastly I would like to urge all the tenants, be it bachelor or family, please don't overdo things thinking you will find a new flat if current society interferes. People like these make it difficult for well behaved ones too and should be poked for any wrong doings. The fight is not against owners/landlords/societies only but against wrong practices which need not be forced to anyone.

Looking forward for people's support via comments and snaps of any wrong doing and unethical laws. I am not a professional at writing petition and all so I also would like to take constant feedback from everyone to improve this post so that our government gets clear message. 

- Amit 


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