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Full inquiry into why the UK authorities have broken over 40 laws against my mother & I

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Please can you help me as I have been: - 

* Tried in the UK without my right to call witnesses
* without my right to a lawyer
* without case papers 
* tried with just 3 days notice for a trial
* & tried when the court had no legal jurisdiction to even try me

Convictions are null and void in law but what can one do when the Court of Appeal unlawfully processes an appeal on my behalf which was not even my appeal. The appeal papers they processed were also unsigned and the Court of Appeal cannot by law accept unsigned appeal papers especially when the appellant is unrepresented. 

Instead of putting in my appeal papers, the authorities have left me in limbo, with little chance of getting a job and they would prefer me to send out this case for the rest of my life rather than putting my actual appeal in.

The authorities have also tried to frame me for pirating of DVD's but failed. Then they tried to frame me and even my mother for selling counterfeit clothing but once again failed.

They didn't stop there. When I served the authorities with a notice of publication, they tried to frame me for theft of mobile phones but thanks to the grace of God they once again failed. They have also registered a charge against my mother's home without any evidence of a debt and will not allow a challenge to the unlawful registration. 

The authorities have also tried to fleece my mother out of thousands of pounds but on each occasion they have failed. 

I know that this is hard to believe but all of this can be easily proven with hard physical evidence. Hard physical evidence does not lie. Full details and proof can be found at

If you believe in Justice, Truth, Human Rights and Protection of Law then please help by signing this petition. :) 

Thank you and God bless you,  Mr R Sekhon 

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