Orchard HOA to Provide "Residents Only" Automated Secure Gate Ingress/Egress @Bear Gap Rd

Orchard HOA to Provide "Residents Only" Automated Secure Gate Ingress/Egress @Bear Gap Rd

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Why this petition matters

Started by Doug Delise

*With over 660 Homesites within the Orchard Community and a resident funded annual operating budget of $725,000+, Residents believe we should have another means of Ingress/Egress into the community.   Namely through the "Back Gate", the already existing Gated paved access point off of Bear Gap Rd.  Clearly this community was originally designed with the intention of having additional Ingress/Egress off of Bear Gap Rd.    As the organizer of this petition having lived in a gated community that had homes in value of 400k-5M with multiple ingress/egress points.   I believe Safe, Secure Unmanned access at the Bear Gap Rd Gate can be achieved and should be implemented, through the use of "unmanned" Automated Gate technology which can improve the community for the homeowners.   

Understanding that the "Manned Gate" costs the Orchard approx $200,000 per year for the security contract. Unmanned access can be done much more cost effectively.   This can safely be achieved by using something such as "Bar Code Reader" , "Key FOB", or "Keypad" other technology given to the property owner at the Orchard to provide secure access , and/or applied to their vehicles for secure Ingress/Egress Access Like a "barcode" on the vehicle window as we had in my past community. This ensures  that only authorized residents of the Orchard  can Ingress/Egress through the gate.   In addition the installation of camera recording technology might also be a welcome additional to the back gate are to bolster security.  

This backgate would not be intended for Guest or Visitor use they would still need to check in at the main gate.   Regarding security lets be honest considering the miles of unfenced land bordering the Orchard Community, if someone wants to "get in" to the community it can be done so easily regardless of a manned gatehouse or secure gate.  

The Benefits to the community of the Additional Ingress/Egress include:

*Creates Time saving alternate route ingress/egress for homeowners to use the Bear Gap Rd Gate as many homeowners have to drive miles within the Orchard just to reach the main gate.

*Another Ingress/Egress Point to reduce Vehicle traffic on the main roads and especially Infront of the homes that populate these main roads which are in turn a burdened with a disproportionate of Vehicle Traffic, thereby diminishing "the peace" of their homeownership experience within the Orchard.

*Possibly look at ways to reduce the Heavy Truck Wear on Main Roads by spreading out the load to other roads 

*By joining the petition I stating that I am a property Owner within the Orchard and would like the HOA Board of the Orchard which represents the will of the Community to look at Implementing this request.  I understand that this will cost money the HOA and therefore we would see to have the gate infrastructure completed in the most cost effective manor, in such a way that retrofits the existing gate.   We have determined that underground power to the back gate already exists, therefore expense should be minimal to install the secure automated gate technology along & possible camera recording system.  All attempts will be made to do the project on a limited budget using a small portion of the HOA's $725,000 annual budget we believe could be fully implemented for a cost of less than 3.5% of the HOA's annual budget or under $25,000 or less.  Understanding the HOA at one point was looking at spending $80,000 on new signage for the community, we believe this would be money much better spent.

***We need your show of  support at the HOA Board Meeting, Please email me if you would like to have further communication to come support this effort with myself and another member of the community at the next HOA Board meeting ;  doug.delise@yahoo.com


9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!