December 5, 2020
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Started by Jhon Mark Llantos

We must put an end to using different parts of animals to make things such as clothes shoes accessories and many more.

One of the best examples are the pearls. Pearls are made when an oysters inside irritated it secretes a fluid that covers the irritant.

There are two kinds of pearls Oriental Pearl that is made by natural occurrence and Cultured Pearl that is made by people by seeding the oyster with rocks or sand as irritant.

According to scientist and researchers oyster and mussels don't feel pain, so when we were going to harvest pearl just force open them they don't feel pain and if they die then let's just cook them.

We all know that once you wear it, you looks like a rich person. People could make use of pearls in many ways like necklace, ring, bracelet or even designing clothes.

We should stop doing this. If we can't stop it why don't we reduce it. Should we believe scientist that oyster don't feel pain? Did the oyster tell them?

Everything here in this world is alive and deserve to live, one species that would go extinct would affect everything here on earth. According to the webpage of INDEPENDENT on 2011, "Wild oysters are now "functionally extinct" in many places around the world where they were once plentiful. More than 85 per cent of their reefs have been lost due to overfishing, according to a new study."

Humans are going beyond their limit they are not just using nature they are abusing it.
We have two choices right now either; 1. Eat and use oyster now before they go extinct or 2. Don't eat and them for a while until the population rebounds. The choice is in the hand of each one of us.

It's not Accessories, it's Violence.

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Signatures: 358Next Goal: 500
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