Orange Theory Coppell, TX

Orange Theory Coppell, TX

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Members or Orange Theory Coppell, TX started this petition to Orange Theory Fitness Shane Adams

This is a petition signed by the community of Orange Theory Fitness in Coppell, Texas, speaking up against the arbitrary and unfair decision made by the managers in charge of overseeing the operation of the Orange Theory studios in North Texas. This is an attempt to bring to the attention of Orange Theory North Texas Chief Operating Office Shane Adams, about the poor business practices exercised by his management company, which go agains the wishes of his customers and of his best employees. Just because we know that he will care, as we trust that nobody more than him values his business, his employees and his members. 

We petition for a note of acknowledgment from Shane Adams so we can get our faith in Corporate America restored! 

Dear Shane, we’re speaking on behalf at least a hundred members of Orange Theory Fitness in Coppell.

We're speaking to you, since we know that nobody cares about your brand, about business, and about your members as much as you do yourself. Certainly not the people that you have managing the North Texas region.

We do too want the best for your brand, and so do hundreds of members who love your concept, but who have been deeply disappointed by the company that your company has selected to manage our studios in North Texas.

They decided, for no reason and against the wishes of most of your customers, to let go of one the most beloved coaches in this region.

A valuable brand ambassador for your brand, a responsible employee, a family man, passionate worker, and one of the best coaches in the region in the opinion of many, including his peers, your franchisees, and your members alike.

Despite the many complaints for the unfair decision, they remain deaf to the claims of your customers. So may this petition open your ears, since theirs are closed.

Let us first remind you of the #1 rule of business, which we're sure you know since you have created such a successful business: “The customer is always right”, but let us also remind to you of one of the golden marketing truths: “Brands are the people who build them.” In this day and age, brands are the people that build THE EXPERIENCES of your customers. In your case, those are your coaches and sales associates. The ones who make your customers keep coming back to your business day after day to do the same routine, over and over. A routine that feels different every day, just because of the energetic and unique personality of each of them.  Not valuing your coaches is not valuing your customers, and without your coaches and your customers, you have no business and you have no brand.

If we were you, and we saw this level of engagement of my customers with one of the people building my brand and my business, we would think twice before letting him go. Especially when there is no valid reason to do so.

In my case (the person writing this), I cancelled my membership yesterday after almost two years. Not because I didn’t enjoy my workout and won’t miss so many great people, but because in this day and age Shane, people do business with people and because of people, and I refuse to give my business to a company that does not value people, especially its employees and its customers.

What are we petitioning for? That you listen to us. Nothing else.

Luckily, the outpouring of support of the members of the Coppell Orange Theory to their coach whom your management company very unfairly let go has been both touching and overwhelming.

Here’s a video and a photo that will make you feel very good about your members, the fitness community that you have created. We made sure that he and his family, including his 5 month old baby have a great Christmas.

On the other hand, unfortunately, it will make you feel very bad about the company that you have allowed to run your business. I hope this case touches your heart as much as it has touched ours, and we hope that you listen, and speak on behalf of your employees, your franchisees, and your members.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!