FAIR Sentencing for youth offender Usiel Alcaraz Jr.

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On the night of April 13, 2012, 17 a year old a teen was shot at what they say was at a 7-11 store in the city of Anaheim, Ca. Around 9:00 that night he went to go withdrawal money at the 7-11 store for what he says he was having pizza night at his house. The four individuals including my husband who I will call Jr went to the 7-11 store to withdrawal money from the ATM to go buy beer at a different convenience store where the beer was cheaper.... that's when tragedy struck.

My husband, Usiel Alcaraz Jr, than 16 was arrested by the Anaheim Police Department and charged with 11 charges including Attempted Murder, Premeditated Attempted Murder, Discharge of Firearm and Attempted Second Degree Robbery, along with co-defandents Omar Del Rio, 16, Anthony Manzo Reyes, 21, and Andres Diaz Guerrero, 23. District Attorney Frank Acosta who handled the case argued that Jr shot him with his left hand. Mind you, my husband is right handed which would make it nearly impossible to shoot someone and get a good aim. I bring this matter up because District Attorney Frank Acosta went by what the victim said, failing to investigate the truth and the facts as to what really happened that night.

The Truth:

Jr outside the 7-11 store got in a argument with than friend Anthony Manzo Reyes who was the one who drove them there. Jr refused to get back in the car and began to walk home which was less than a mile away. Andres didn't want Jr to walk home alone so he followed. The alleged victim & his friend were already at the driveway exit when they decided to walk back towards Jr and Andres, ultimately ending up outside the 7-11 parking lot. Words were exchanged between Jr and the alleged victim and a fight broke out, which the victim admitted to being the one who punched first. During the fight the victim got a hold of the gun Jr had in his waist band and than the two began fighting over the gun. Once Jr was able to get a hold of gun he shot him twice hitting him once. Jr not once tried to rob the kid as he said.

The alleged victim refused to tell the truth to police going as far as saying Jr tried to rob him. During his interview at the hospital which was presented before the court he told police Jr never flashed a gun it was after when he realized he had one.

Jr was taken to juvenile hall that same night and was charge as an adult at the age of 16. Prior to his arrest Jr had no felonies and had never been in any kind of serious trouble. District Attorney Frank Acosta was extreme in his punishment. He placed on Jr all possible charges and based them on lies and inflammatory exaggerations by the victim. My husband who is now 22 was dehumanized before the jury and was found guilty of all charges. Evidence was left out by both the DA and the defense attorneys which proved that Jr and his friends were only at that 7-11 store to withdrawal the money and just that, a simple receipt.

The alleged victim is just as guilty as to what happened that Friday the 13th night, if not more for going back towards Jr and Andres, and punching Jr first and grabbing the gun when Jr never presented a gun.

It is a great injustice that a young man of 16 receive a 45 year to life sentence in state prison when he acted out on heat of passion. Jr is now awaiting sentencing on Janurary 19, 2018. Judge David A. Hoffer may still overturn the jury's verdict. We’re not asking for Jr to be let out tomorrow, we’re asking to just ben fair. I ask if you can please help me prevent this injustice. This was his first crime, and his first time in jail. We all at some point need some kind of second chance please allow him the opportunity to have his second chance, a chance to show how great of a citizen he can be.

Thank you.

Janet Alcaraz

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