State Funding For Bullet Resistant Doors and Panic Badges in all OCPS Classrooms

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The 17 who died following the violent gun shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School would NOT have died if they could have stayed in their classrooms behind bullet-resistant doors during a well-managed "lock down".   Those students and teachers had nowhere to hide.  They needed classrooms that were safe from bullets. Teachers needed direct contact to police.  Police needed GPS info on exactly where the shooter was in the school.  

All of this can be in place with funds that will soon be made available to our Orange County School Board under the Governor's "School Safe Hardening" Budget.  The problem is, the School Board can choose to spend the money as they see fit.  The Board could budget for other, less-effective safety measures.  There is no better way to spend our Governor's School Hardening Budget than to provide a FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE for our students and teachers.  They need to be safe behind bullet resistant doors and windows.  And they need real-time GPS communication with our OCPS Police.