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Reduce homelessness and stop economic discrimination in Orange County

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Orange County has had a homeless problem over the past couple years. This is a local problem in our county. As a result, we seek to dampen the problem of homelessness. We seek to provide plentiful services and support for the homeless people. This issue is relevant as homelessness has been an increasing problem. With this petition to bring more services, it would be costly, but it would help achieve the goal to bring down homelessness.

We wish to bring this issue to the officials of Orange County. The reason as to why we want to bring this issue to the officials of OC is due to the fact that they can help create support programs for the homeless. By bringing this idea to them they will be more open to it because they would care for making their cities much safer. If this petition was to be passed then Homeless people will be able to enjoy a more comfortable life and be off of our streets.

How extensive is the issue of homelessness in Orange County? The bulk of homelessness occurs in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach. According to the 2017 federally mandated snapshot, taken every two years, recorded 4,792 homeless individuals in Orange County. This is a 5% increase from the report in 2015, which reported 4,452 homeless. According to the OC Register, a county survey from Jan. 28 released results including:

2,584 homeless sleeping in places not intended for habitation
1,248 were in emergency shelters
357 are military veterans
The reason for why this petition exists is to be able to stop this discrimination towards homeless people. This comes as a form of economic discrimination. These homeless people, no matter if they are homeless or not, are still people. And so we believe that they should be treated as any kind of person, so we seek to give them a lifestyle that they may enjoy. This would not only benefit homeless people, but it would bring theoretical safer streets.

Some people oppose the idea of this petition. These individuals may think they will need to pay more taxes to help fund these homeless services. However, they are wrong because they will not have to pay more taxes. The tax money will just be used differently towards building homeless centers and for their services.


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