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Started by Nick Taurus

Fred Whitaker’s administration of the Orange County GOP has been altogether vacant of conservative principles and values, exposing absolute neglect for the concerns, troubles, and political desires of Republican voters. Instead, it has transformed Orange County from the “Orange Curtain” to a progressively liberal bastion in what used to be the epicenter of American Conservatism that was pro-family, smaller government, and fiscal accountability for taxpayers.

Fred Whitaker has demonstrated time and time again, his intentional reduction of conservative outlook and spirit; whether it be allying with a La Raza chapter fraudulently pretending to be as a Republican-centric community grassroots organization, BASTA or investing an evening with Hollywood insider turned fake-gubernatorial candidate, Caitlyn Jenner, our OC GOP, under Fred Whitaker direction and administration, resembles more and more like the out of control big government of the 2008 Democrats rather than our Republican Party of Trump to Make America Great Again.

Perhaps the most demoralizing condition of Whitaker’s occupation of our OC GOP leadership has been the outright prejudice and outright contempt for the average OC GOP voter like you and me.
Fred Whitaker and his apparatchiks like Randall “The Rat” Avila, Johnny “Loudmouth” Lauro, and his personal guard dog, OCGOP Sergeant-At-Arms Tim Whitacre, have proved their readiness to throw their voters under the bus with clear neglect and even put conservative voters in harm’s way, and even prohibit everyday registered Republican Orange County voters from Central Committee meetings!
Does this sound like leadership? Do these individuals in our OC GOP leadership deserve our recognition and hard-earned money we offer as donations? The answer is definitely no!

Finally, Fred Whitaker’s official electoral record as OC GOP Chairman has been and will continue to be autocratic, arrogant, and deliberately anti-conservative. Under Fred Whitaker’s management, the notorious carpetbagger globalists like Katie Porter have inserted and enlarged their politically and economically dangerous far-left socialist agenda in our Orange County school boards, elections, and organizations.
At the same time, our county currently stands at a 4-2 Democrat advantage regarding United States Congressional Districts. Not to mention Democrat Party’s growing lead in voter registration; our OC GOP has developed into a dishonest, fraudulent, and pretend opposition political force that directly benefits the Democrat Party. The Washington Generals of California politics command and control our OC GOP leadership for their decades-long self-wheeling and dealing of insider politics.

We are at a significant moral and political inflection point for our country, state, county, and Orange County GOP; bold, courageous, and patriotic decisions must be acted upon by Orange County Republican voters like you and me.

Will our OC GOP continue with immunity to be a relic of the Bush years? A vessel of “Compassionate Conservatism” whose main priorities are caring for the Democrat-Party funded liberal sensibilities like defunding the police, CRT in our schools, and more while pandering to various voting bases who will never vote for our America First values?

Or will our OC GOP follow the ethical path to bring forth our President Trump message, the political objective of moving AMERICA & AMERICANS FIRST?

Like The Gipper (President Ronald Regan) once said famously, “We are at a time for choosing,” and I wholeheartedly believe with every substance of my being that you and I will choose AMERICA FIRST, to join me in our Crusade to take back our Republican Party of Orange County for the sake of county, state, and country.

In summary,  Fred Whitaker has proven beyond any reasonable doubt he has deliberately deceived, subverted, and harmed Republican voters like you on a consistent basis while enriching and expanding the Democrat Party political power in Orange County. Where are the college-age voters at our OC GOP meetings? Why no OC GOP announcements of uncontested elections of smaller elections for Special Districts, city councils, etc.?  

I am Nick Taurus. I am just 29 years old, and I am asking you to don't let the door of freedom of speech, assembly, and freedom close on me and my generation. I am and others my age are counting on you!

So please be the ethical-political change of reason, loyalty, and conservatism. Share our petition with your family and friends. Sign our petition and recognize from this day forward, we are moving forward to being AMERICA FIRST!

Respectfully Yours,
Nick Taurus
America First Republican Candidate for California 45th Congressional District

133 have signed. Let’s get to 200!