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Leaders in our school system who are responsible for the safety, development and well being of children need to be held accountable to the code of conduct that they are paid to enforce.  Yet the leaders at Dr Phillips Elementary School have failed to do this.  Media reports and interviews with a mother of an 11 year old girl at the school state that “three boys had been tormenting her daughter for months on end by sexually harassing her, touching her inappropriately, and threatening to rape her.”  The reports further claims that the principal was aware and did not inform parents or notify the proper authorities.  In the prior week, the news reported that the assistant principal texted the principal referring to the teachers as “Vaginas on fire.”  Yet again, the principal did not address the situation or report the text as required by school policy.  The principal also admitted in the investigation that he used “inappropriate language when referring to female staff members on an occasional basis”.

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A total change in leadership is needed to protect our children.  Our children deserve to be safe and they deserve better role models.  Please sign here to state that Dr. Phillips Elementary School needs a total change in leadership.


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