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Orange County Florida Animal Control: Take the "Dangerous Label" off our beloved dog!

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Orange County did not follow the Statute 767.12 1b in which our beloved family dog falls under.

OCAS has declared my lovable dog Einstein as Dangerous when a child tripped on and fell on him during a Dog Training Class at Lake Eola, Fiesta in the Park. The family was doing the right thing in having Einstein in training when an unsupervised child in the park falls on top of the dog during his training group session. The childs legs were entangled in his leash which pinned Einstein to the ground, being choked by his collar. He was trying his best to get out of the situation but he couldn't until the leash was untangled. Once it was untangled Einstein got up and walked away calmly. During the scuffle the child was injured. Of course the family wants to sue and wanted Einstein declared Dangerous. OCAS at Morgan & Morgan's request (personal injury law firm) has declared the Einstein "Dangerous". Please save Einstein from this classification. Sign the petition and get the word out that the citizens will not tolerate this violation of the law which does not punish a dog for being assaulted. 

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