My Son Was Killed By Police The Same Way As George Floyd

Regardless of Race or Colour, Police brutality and the use of excessive force needs to be addressed and stopped. A similar thing happened to me in Vancouver, Canada, by 3 Police officers, resulting in a broken eye orbital, several facial cuts, a broken ear drum, many contusion to the head, broken sternum, defecation as a result of 3 kicks to the kidneys, etc.. I hadn't done anything, wasn't charged with anything and subsequently 6yrs later was proven innocent of any wrong doing. Took almost 4 month to recover my sight and two years of physio and injections to treat my sternum and arms. Many street Cops are simply legalized Thugs, with a sick attitude towards other citizens and with a chip on their shoulder. They should be barred from continuing in this profession. No One, regardless of if a crime was committed or not, deserves to die at their hands. They cannot be allowed to become judge and executioner. That's what the courts are there for. There remains a presumption of innocence, first and foremost, and any crime Must be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. This principle applies to any person, coloured or white, and should be honoured accordingly to everyone. Police officers cannot be held above the Law, killing people as they see fit, in cruel and brutal ways.

Hanno Ehrenberg, Duncan, Canada
6 months ago
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