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I am fighting in probate for my grandson again. I have been raising my grandson for 12+ years. No I have opened a child support case on the father he wants to fight and try get my grandson back after I have been raising him for over 12+ years. The only home my grandson has known for 12+ years.
His father ( my son )thinks if he gets my grandson he does not have to pay back child support for the past 7 yrs.
that past child support never goes away.
As a grandparent. We try very hard to keep the children safe from the drug and jail life the parents have picked.
Why after 12 years would any court let a child move back with the parent.
My grandson just wants Togo back to his privet school.
This year I had to put him in a public school. He hates it. Cries for the privet school.
God knows the truth. And I pray everyone Signs this to the courts where a child after 12 years should stay..
With the only grandparents he know, not the parents

If I did not take my grandson 11+ years ago. the police would of called in CPS and he would of been in foster care. Help change the laws to be the same as Foster Care. Change the laws to be the same in probate. Stop this crazy train the parents keep putting the grandparents though.

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