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Petitioning Supervisor, Fourth District Shawn Nelson and 4 others

Orange County, California Board of Supervisors: Issue the Harvey Milk Day Proclamation

Orange County Board of Supervisors let Harvey Milk Day slip onto the annual list of proclamations, but, just days before the event, they have yet to issue the proclamation. Tell Orange County Supervisors to stand up for equality, be courageous, and issue the proclamation that honors Harvey Milk.

Letter to
Supervisor, Fourth District Shawn Nelson
Supervisor, Fifth District Patricia Bates
Supervisor, First District Janet Nguyen
and 2 others
Supervisor, Second District John M.W. Moorlach
Supervisor, Third District Todd Spitzer
Issue the Havey Milk Day Proclamation:

Harvey Milk was a model of courage, honesty, and leadership who was willing to risk everything to help lesbian and gay residents achieve equal treatment under the law. His greatest accomplishment was successfully fighting the bigotry of the Briggs Initiative, sponsored by John Briggs, an Orange County Assembly member. Show the world that Orange County now believes in equality for all.