Tell your Orange County Commissioners: support our right to vote!

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FACT: Approximately 26% of children in Orange County live in poverty, one of the highest rates of all the cities in Florida. 

FACT: The population of children living near the poverty level in Orange County will only increase in the next few years. By 2030, there could be over 480,000 children under age 19 living in Orange County -- and we are already struggling to take care of the number who are living here now.

FACT: We need more funding to make sure that all our children have the chance to succeed. A lot more funding for a lot of important things: child abuse prevention, mental health counseling, child care, out-of-school programs, support for at-risk teens, health care and more.

FACT: As a citizen of Orange County, you have the right to vote on a new way to fund programs for children. The Florida Legislature passed legislation that allows you to vote to fund a Children's Trust to help with all of those programs.

FACT: Your Orange County Commissioners have the power to put this on the ballot, if they know it is important to you. It's your job to ask them to put the Children's Trust on the ballot. Tell your county commissioner that it's Our Children, Our Choice!