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Free dogs from being put to sleep or caged in 24/7 after Quarantine

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Dogs should not be considered dangerous because they bite someone. As you all know, if a dog is considered dangerous, that means they are to be put down or locked up in a cage 24/7. I am making this petition because my dog bit a girl in the face. I know this may seem bad. But the reason my dog bit the girl in the face was because he is a guard dog, he does not take kindly to strangers. My dog thinks the stranger is going to hurt us so he goes to attack mode. Think of it as "fight or flight" for humans. Since he bit the girl in the face, he was sent to quarantine, they said we would get him back in 10 days, and that was supposed to be on Tuesday, February 12. But when we went there to pick him up, we were told that he couldn't leave because he was to be investigated to know whether or not he is dangerous or not. My family was devastated and depressed. Most of us started to cry, we still are. We don't want this to happen to anyone else, we are still waiting for my dog to come back home. We have no idea when that it. If he is considered dangerous, he is going to be put down. He shouldn't be considered dangerous for one mistake, when he is with us he is a sweet dog, who plays with my other small dog. He's nice, not dangerous. When we went to visit my dog, 3 days before we went to pick him up, his eyes were blood shot red from crying. And when the man who worked there went to take us to see him, my dog first saw the man and hid back in fear. He was terrified. And when he saw us, he began wagging his tail. When the man got close to us he began growling. He just wants to protect us, isn't that what dogs are supposed to do other than being your best friend? Please sign this petition and help us stop this. Let our dogs come home safe.

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