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Save a rare, 50 acres of beautiful public parkland with so much economic/social potential!

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A Sports Precinct will be fantastic for Orange AND so will an activated Parkland that can generate millions. We can do BOTH if we're smart about this. 

Don’t squander the massive economic opportunity Bloomfield Parkland presents. It’s our next big attraction for tourists and will become a new treasured asset for the community.

This builds on the number 1 reason people come to Orange (beautiful open, tree-filled spaces) while opening up a whole new range of experiences to enjoy for people who live here. To destroy 513 trees that have been growing for 45 years and transform this Crown Land to sun-exposed sports fields is at odds with our reputation as the "colour city". We could be offering a new 50 acre experience of the Colour City.

We need this Council to recognise just how much money they’re throwing away,  destroying the publicly-owned parkland that has been forming here over 45 years and replacing it forever with a sports precinct that can be easily located in a better place.

Sign the petition now, to convince Council to make the right decision for Orange. That is, develop the sports precinct in the original location (or an alternative) and leave Bloomfield to reach its full potential. 

Did you know, in Sydney, Centennial Parklands is a self-funded public asset, generating around $20 million annually? Parklands are public gems to be treasured, protected and well-managed for the benefit of all.

Bloomfield Parklands could be operated from this model, and it will be an ongoing economic stimulus for Orange not just a few times a year but all year, for decades into the future.

Sign the petition now, so that Orange can DOUBLE our economic stimulus from BOTH Bloomfield AND the sports precinct in the right location.

A well-managed world-class parkland can bring to Orange:

  •  Music Concerts and Festivals
  • “Destination” playgrounds, the calibre of Canberra and Tamworth
  • Tree-top adventure zone (all-ages high ropes and ziplines)
  • Cool “hang-out” areas with hammocks between the trees, outdoor beanbags etc. with public wifi and proximity to the café. People will come and work there like an outdoor library.
  • Large scale food and wine events in a lush, green and expansive area. This offers existing events (FOOD and Wine Week, Fire Festival etc.) which often sell out, room to grow. 
  • A high-end venue for weddings (bringing hotel nights, restaurant, retail etc)
  • Café/Restaurant that can be hired out for events as an additional Council revenue stream.
  • Remote-control toy boats on the two lakes (think Paris Luxembourg gardens.)
  • A healthier population - better mental health outcomes, immune function, physical health, reduced morbidity and mortality, are all supported by extensive research.
  • Pony rides
  • Cooling and energy efficiency, particularly important in the warmer decades ahead, making Orange more livable than other places.
  • Bike, pedal-bike and e-scooter hire with extensive cycle paths as seen in places like Sydney, Canberra and internationally
  • Social Cohesion and Community-mindedness. This can be a place where people new to Orange come to meet others, with an ever-changing variety of things to participate in.
  • A community pizza oven, BBQ and picnic areas
  • There are so many more experiences that could be built in to a master plan for this “destination attraction” which could become our "Dubbo Zoo" or "Canberra Arboretum."

Sign the petition now, to create a destination that puts Orange on the map for a whole new reason.

We are extremely lucky to have one of the best regional hospitals in Australia.

  • Bloomfield sits within the historic health precinct begun in 1925. It makes sense that our leading regional hospital should continue to be supported by the natural setting it was deliberately sited to take advantage of. 
  • Doctors have identified many ways to use the Parkland for “pre-habilitation”, rehabilitation and other therapies to improve patient outcomes. No other hospital in Australia will have access to such a facility. Hospitals across Australia are undertaking massive tree-planting exercises to gain the proven benefits that we already have.
  • Local doctors and the General Manager of Orange Health Service have identified unacceptable, life-threatening risks resulting from traffic congestion caused by stadium and additional sports traffic. This was supported by the former Commander, Orange Police Force in a letter to the editor, warning of this danger.

Sign the petition now, to ensure that lives are protected, not threatened by traffic congestion associated with the sports precinct. Ensure that Orange Hospital can continue to provide the health care that our city is renowned for. Doctors want Bloomfield Parkland preserved.

Did you know that destroying over 500 mature trees goes directly against numerous State Government Policies that are all based around increasing public green spaces, enhancing tree canopy, providing more natural spaces and building biodiversity?

Government Departments don’t make these policies up just for fun, they are based on the best expertise possible and are there to encourage local Councils to move in the right direction.

Even Orange City Council's own strategic plan clearly states that "the value of green spaces is and should be recognised in the community" and should have "ongoing upgrade."

Sign the petition now, so that Orange goes forwards, not backwards, compared to other towns and cities.

We have consulted numerous experts in the fields of Urban Heat Effects and Public Health related to this proposal. This is what they say:


1.    Professor Mat Santamouris: University of NSW, School Built Environment

“The plan to remove 513 trees is likely to cause an increase in ambient temperature in summer, increase costs of air conditioning in nearby buildings, increase in pollutants and reduction in recovery period for patients at the hospital”

2.    Michael Mobbs, sustainability expert,

“No other council in Australia is removing trees at this scale. Orange will hold a record for the most urban tree loss in one project. It’s a reputation you don’t want, especially when you are a town known for its wonderful trees.”

3.   Professor Barbara Norman: Chair and Professor, Urban and Regional Planning, Univesity of Canberra.

“We need careful urban design now, that protects people from climate extremes. In Australia in coming decades, heat will be the biggest killer. Urban cooling, using trees, is the best defence for citizens.”

4.    Dr Kate Charlesworth, public health physician, medical doctor and climate-health risk specialist:

“A number of NSW Health organisations are actively planting trees in/near their hospitals and communities to protect and promote health (5,000 trees at Campbelltown Hospital) Green space is associated with increased physical activity, reduced stress, higher social capital and overall lower all-cause mortality.

Sign the petition now, so that Orange is acting on the best expertise in making this decision.

Despite the narrative, we will NOT lose the $25 million if the plans for the sporting precinct return to the original or alternative location. The funds have been allocated, they are in the budget and secure.

When Council decided to switch its preferred site to Bloomfield, there was no prior consultation with the broader community. It was done within a regular Council meeting where Councillors were hearing about it for the first time. The fact that it was a “late item” meant that Councillors had no time to research before voting. In that meeting, it was noted that:

 if Bloomfield became unavailable, “the objectives of the Sporting Precinct are able to be achieved at the Northern Distributor site. (Dec 3, 2019)

Sign the petition now, to give the community a chance to be fully briefed on the pro’s, cons and costings of alternative sites, including the Northern Distributor site, which (by the council’s own documents) remains able to satisfy the Sporting Precinct’s objectives.

Regional development in NSW right now, is all about developing new assets in open spaces and supporting businesses to begin new tourism offerings. There have been 2 rounds of funding for “new and improved public spaces” $250 million was just confirmed this week!  Also the "Experience Enhancement Grants" of $150,000 per project were designed to fund, "the repurposing of existing facilities to provide new experiences, not currently available within the destination." This is the direction things are going.

The Bloomfields Parklands Masterplan can be implemented over time but to harness the opportunity presented to us, we need to preserve the space and preserve the trees that have taken 45 years to reach their current maturity.

Sign the petition so that Orange can take advantage of future funding rounds and similar funding sources to start making this happen.

The people of Orange deserve to have BOTH a new sporting precinct AND a world-class, activated parkland. Together, these assets secure our future as a viable, long-term tourist destination as well as a highly desirable regional city in which to live. 

If this heritage area is destroyed there is a double impact. Orange not only loses the opportunity to supercharge our local economy by creating completely new experiences but also, the reputational damage has incalculable social and financial impacts.  

Sign the petition to preserve Orange's reputation as a beautiful destination that is constantly surprising and delighting visitors with new offerings.

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