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My 4 children were uplifted on the 17th of May 2019 including my beautiful 8 month old breastfeeding baby girl Cassia Rose from a Popular, Loving mother of Orewa.

When the social workers came with the papers from the courts to uplift all of my children I got on my knees and I cried out to God and I asked the social workers can I please keep my baby with me as I'm breastfeeding her.

They left my breastfeeding baby with me but they took my other three children!!! 

It has now been 3 long months and I have never cried so much in all my life, this is not the respite care that I was after!! 

My children have been incredibly sick being away from their mother and we all long to be with each other.

They manipulated me and made me agree to section 78 that my children are in need of care and protection as they told me that I would get my children back quicker and now I realise that they are planning to permanently take my children away!!!

Oranga tamariki are the most corrupt organisation or ministry that I have ever met.

I used to think that Oranga Tamariki only took abused children away now I realise that they take vulnerable mother's children away too! 

We have all been extremely traumatized being away from each other and now Orewa Oranga Tamariki want me to have psychiatrist, parenting assessments and a Gateway assessment for me and my children before they can even consider returning my children and it's already been 3 long months! 

They have been with five to six different caregivers and now they been separated as one of my children was physically abused in care, And they still won't return my children!

I only asked for respite care as I am a solo mother with four children on my own and I'm a breastfeeding mother! 

I had a lady from family works working with me and she told me out of all her family's that she works with that she thought that I would be the least likely to ever lose my children to oranga tamariki! 

My plunket nurse has told me that I'm extremely kind and honest and gentle and kind ...so why has this happened to me?

Do not ask Oranga Tamariki  for help, as they do not offer temporary respite care for tired mother's!

I am now fighting to get my children back and we are all desperate to be together!

My children were taken by false allegations and exaggerated allegations. 

Orewa oranga tamariki have now tried to pull out the "mental health card" on me as I cried buckets of tears after they took my children and I was stuttering and I was having trouble to breathe, now they are telling me that it's not normal to cry after they kidnap your children!!! 

Please sign this petition so I can show Orewa Oranga Tamariki that my children are not in any need of Serious Need of Care and Protection and that they need to be returned to me immediately!!

My children have all told Oranga Tamariki that they are not in danger of me and that they want to be returned to me immediately but they are not listening to my children.