OPUD Billing Practices - Olivehurst Public Utility Department

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This petition is for those that feel that OPUD has been unfair, fraudulent with their billing practices. Below is one billing problem. Sign, stand and be heard. WE NEED ONLINE BILLING SO THEY CAN NOT CHARGE EXTRAS.

OPUD doesn't have online billing and they have shut services off due to no payments. But how are you suppose to check that bill? You have to call them. A lot of people do not have the ability to call during work hours and those that can't they can not go home and look online at the bill because it does not exist.

OPUD claims that they are not obligated to give 24 hour notice and instead of personal delivery of a 48 notice they mail the notices. So if your mail is slow, delayed or stolen, then your screwed. And yet again, you can not go online to see your bill.

Per CPUC section 6.b.1: 'Provided further that the utility shall make a reasonable attempt to personally contact an adult on the residential customer's premises, either by telephone or by visit at least 24 hours prior to termination.'

Per Angela Lewis: 'We do not do 24 hour notice however, a 48 Hour Notice was mailed'

Per Angela Lewis: 'Unfortunately, being a government entity we cannot assume charges for the cost of those services along to customers who do not use them. It would have to be district wide.' A stupid response for having online billing. There is over 5000 residents in Plumas Lake alone and I am sure that everyone would use it.  And I am sure that the majority of the residents would pay a little more a month for the convenience of online billing, to view in real time.

A few people in Plumas Lake, for example, has had the employee there to disconnect service. The resident had to call the office because she paid but since they use a third party, their e-files were not up to date. OPUD has horrible billing practices and uses this to extract extra charges.

  • Reminder Notice Fee $2.00
  • 48 Hour Notice Fee $3.00
  • 48 Notice Penalty Fee $2.54
  • Delinquency Fee $50.00

We need to make this public, let the public know how this business is treating their customers.

Sign and make your voice be heard.


Here is an image of the billing fraud practices. Hopefully you will be able to view it properly.


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