STOP Optus from installing mobile base station near our homes at purchase road

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We strongly object to the OPTUS proposal for a mobile phone base station on 111 and 113 Purchase road right next to our homes.

In December 2016 Optus proposed the installation of the same mobile phone base station, installation of a small cell facility on a pole opposite John Purchase Primary School. Almost three hundred people fought for this on and Optus dismissed their proposal. 

On 1 August 2019 Optus proposed for the same mobile phone base station to be installed on a utility pole situated in between 111 and 113 Purchase Road right next to our homes. Despite our objections, Optus wrote back notifying us that the consultation process is over and relayed their intentions to proceed. 

Less than three years ago Optus called off their proposal due to voices of concerns from the community of health impacts on students at the schools.

What about all the students that walk along purchase road every day?

What about the kids that live in the homes within metres of the proposed site?

What about the health impacts on elderly people, on our brothers, our sisters, our parents and our children?

What about all these people who spend over 50% of their 24 hours in their homes just metres away from this utility pole every single day?

We currently have no problems with mobile coverage and the download and upload speeds are great. Optus continues to claim that the radiation emitted from such installation will not have any impacts on health, expert advice indicates otherwise. While the small cell may represent a lower Radio Frequency Microwave radiation, anyone living on the radius impacted will be exposed to levels that may lead to:

1. Immediate direct hazards from the radiation exposure which may adversely effect blood, brain, hormone levels, sleep and neurological functions.

2. Long term effects from radiation exposure such as early onset of dementia and various types of cancer.

We are CONCERNED that a presumably 4G small cell can be easily upgraded to a 5G small cell where there are plenty of published potential health risks associated with 5G radio frequency microwave due to much higher frequencies that they operate on.

We URGE Optus to RETRACT their proposal.

We URGE Optus to relocate this to a place away from our homes. 

We URGE our local member of the parliament to stand behind us when we need them.

We care about our family and our neighbours, please care about us too. 

Let's hope for a positive response and outcome from OPTUS.