Option 4, Let the Buffalo Roam & Let the Herds Repopulate Public Lands

Option 4, Let the Buffalo Roam & Let the Herds Repopulate Public Lands

February 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ominous Ann

By court order the National Park Service is required to reevaluate the Inter Agency Bison mismanagement Plan. This is our chance to let them know we want the annual slaughter of Yellowstone Bison to end. Every year hundreds of Bison suffer and are killed needlessly. 

This must stop
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Let the government agencies responsible know we want the senseless slaughter of Bison to ended, permanently. 

In the 90s surrounding states eradicated wild free roaming Bison from areas around Yellowstone, then sued the park to keep the Bison from ever setting foot outside the park again. Ever since Yellowstone has been forced to slaughter Bison that try and leave. 

This is unacceptable, every other animal is allowed to leave the park
Why not Bison ? 

While ideally we would prefer to see the Bison repopulate public lands throughout their former range, unmolested, until such time as their populations recover to historic norms. For now the best we can ask for is option #3

"Alternative 3: Food-Limited Carrying Capacity

The NPS would rely on natural selection, bison dispersal, and public and tribal harvests in Montana as the primary tools to regulate bison numbers, which would likely range from 5,500 to 8,000 or more bison after calving. Trapping for shipments to slaughter would immediately cease. The NPS would continue captures to maintain the Bison Conservation Transfer Program as in Alternatives 1 and 2."

Please sign our petition and help us bring wild, genetically pure Bison back to the American West. 

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This is the first time in 20 years they've asked for public input
Lets make it count

Please, if you love coming to the park and seeing these amazing animals
Give a little back
Take the time to sign and do also visit Buffalo Field campaign and help their efforts as well. 

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Signatures: 558Next Goal: 1,000
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