Optimum cable Refund

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Maria Monteiro
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On September 6 2019 at approx. 7:49 (in some areas) Optimum cable TV, Internet and phone service went out in the tri state area. Many customers left without any update as Optimum was not taking calls from customers.  Customers headed to twitter to voice concerns finding out that they were not alone in the #OptimumCrisis. With many homes relying on phone and internet services the many communities found themselves left out the loop. In the age of capitalism where companies matter more than people, where billion dollar companies can be afforded loopholes to not pay federal taxes, we find that the heavy lifting is left on the community the people, who deal with cost of living being astronomically higher than wages.  We deserve better service for what we pay for! All customers impacted to should be given at minimum one month free for the inconvenience.  We know big companies  store all their wealth at the top while paying little to workers and providing subpar service to customers. We deserve a refund!!