To pursue fair justice for Attorney Brinson who is experiencing lack of funding injustice.

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Friends of the Fair Justice Project for Veronica Brinson is raising money to go towards the injustice she have experienced arising out of Bibb County, Georgia. The injustice being that her adversaries are funded by the State in many instances and have not spent the out of pocket money, such as she have. Meaning her adversaries are either funded by state and/or they spend no out of pocket money up front on an attorney in that they ask the court to make her pay for their attorney's while she remains unrepresented. The lack of injustice funding she has been experiencing has caused her stress, voice loss, hair loss, her reputation, and much more. The bullying and injustice she has been enduring will not stop and going to court on her own behalf has been proven to be unsuccessful. In order for her to effectively pursue justice, she has to have support. If you would like to contribute elsewhere financially contact her at All such donations you submit in this regard will go towards the fair justice project for her.

Thank you.