Opposition to the Florida Remote Dispensing Pharmacy Bills (HB679/SB848)

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Can you imagine walking into your pharmacy and not being able to see or interact with your pharmacist? And, if you by chance you do get to speak with a pharmacist for a few minutes, it would be through a video monitor without privacy. It wouldn’t necessarily even be your regular pharmacist at all.

Florida Senate Bill SB848 and House Bill HB679 were created by a company outside of Florida who owns technology to allow pharmacists to look through a computer screen to observe technicians and that is how they would interact with you, too. What’s worse, is they approached the Florida Senators and Representatives to sell this profit driven technology without the support or participation of any Florida health professionals (e.g physicians, pharmacists, nurses), and without working with public health organizations or any hospital systems.

These bills and the way they have been designed puts patients’ safety at an increased risk. These bills compromise the pharmacist/patient relationship and doesn’t allow pharmacists, patients, and their physicians to work together, the way they do now, to ensure the best care and outcomes we can provide as a team. With only pharmacy technicians physically present in the pharmacy, and with pharmacists supervising multiple remote dispensing sites at the same time, medical errors and mistakes will be more likely to take place and the clinical services that we provide (e.g. vaccines, counseling) will be very limited and in some cases unavailable to the patient.

ALL of the associations representing Florida Pharmacists and Pharmacy groups stand in opposition of these bills. We also have the Florida Public Health Association also standing in opposition of these bills. The reason why we are all in opposition, is because we know these bills aren’t safe for our patients, no matter what the company has been saying to the legislators. We also know that healthcare providers from the leadership of our organizations (pharmacists, physicians, nurses and the public health community) can build a better system to reach the small group of patients who may have limited access to healthcare providers due to the rural area they live in, the right way, with the right team. That's how they did it in other states and that's what we want here in Florida. No short cuts. No backhanded approaches.

We want to protect our patients and continue providing care face to face, and if you feel the same way, please sign this petition below to make sure the Florida Senate and House Legislators and Governor Scott understand that WE the public do not want these bills to pass any more committees or become new Florida law. Our healthcare decision makers should be supporting the healthcare team and helping patients get better, not excluding them and putting our patients at risk.

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