Opposition to Stonemont students reassignment to Fuquay-Varina HS

Opposition to Stonemont students reassignment to Fuquay-Varina HS

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Juan Schaar started this petition to Director of Student Assignment at Wake County Public School System Glenn Carrozza and

Students living in the Stonemont community in Holly Springs are to be reassigned to Fuquay-Varina HS in the 22-23 Student Enrollment Proposal.

Stonemont is 1.3 miles from Holly Springs HS (less than a 3 minute drive), and it is a major reason why families chose Stonemont as their community. 

Mr Carrozza's egregious lapse of judgement when he assign half of Stonemont to HSHS, in full knowledge that this would be a short temporary assignment is at the hearth of the issues with WCPSS school assignment policies.

As a result, Stonemont is now evenly divided between Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina high schools. This division is the chief reason being offered for disrupting our students. There are about 38 students in the area assigned to Holly Springs HS and only 1 student in the area assigned to FVHS. This is clear proof that school assignment plays a major role when families take the decision to move to a community and make such a large time and financial investment.

Stonemont seems to be targeted by this proposal while other surrounding communities that should be prioritized for reassignment are not being considered, some further away to Holly Springs HS, and still under construction. This goes directly agains WCPSS policy code 4150.A.2.a 

This proposal also claims that reassigning our >40 students will reduce the HSHS population by 4% through 2024. This numbers don't add up since HSHS has 2,196 students, making our >40 students less than 1.7% of the total HSHS population.

Almost all families from Stonemont are voicing their outrage at this proposal and want to not be reassigned to Fuquay-Varina High School. Please join us and show your opposition to the reassignment of Stonemont students to a High School 3X further away.

Please visit the discussion board provided by Wake County where you can find many other reasons as to why this reassignment is wrong.

Important Dates

Oct. 5 – Draft 1 presented to the Board. All parents will be notified via email. Website published with detailed information about proposed changes. Online parent feedback forum opens. Parents can enter their address into a student assignment lookup tool on this date to see if they are directly affected.

Dec. 7 – Final Plan discussed during Board Work Session. Public hearing during the Board Meeting.

Dec. 7 – Board votes on the final plan.

Dec. 13 - Jan. 2 – Stability transfer period. Families can submit a request to remain at their current school.

Dec. 15 – Notifications of school assignments sent to families.

If you'd like to attend in person, submit a comment, or question into the record for upcoming School Board sessions, please click here


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!