Opposition to proposed planning for Guildford Court, Surrey Road, Bournemouth

Opposition to proposed planning for Guildford Court, Surrey Road, Bournemouth

8 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Neal Hancock

Gates Investments, who are the current freeholders of the two buildings that make up Guildford Court, have submitted an application with Bournemouth Council for the addition of 8 flats, by adding an extra storey per building, in doing so.

The residents feel that the information within the application provided by Gates Investments, contains multiple inaccuracies and as a result is misleading and this could give them an unfair advantage in the application process.

We as residents, feel that this is unjust and feel that Gates Investments are railroading us and as a consequence of that, Bournemouth Council, to get the outcome they desire.

These are the issues:

Section 5 of the application states that the flats are not accessible without steps and that only the elevator in Block A goes to the basement. Inaccurate.

It goes on to claim that all the communal windows in both blocks are UPVC, which they are not  and that the panels are made of a solid metal panel, again, inaccurate, as they are made of glass.

If the freeholder doesn't know the basic facts about his own property, how can residents believe he will take proper care an attention about any changes?

The transport statement states that there is a 'redundant refuse store' in block B and is planned to become a cycle store. This is not the case. The refuse store is in constant us for block B. Block A has a similar area set aside for their block on the other side. The bins are already overflowing on both sides, with the issue of rodents commonly seen by the bins in block A. Having only 1 bin store for 40 plus flats is not feasible and further increases a health risk to residents.

Making the two-bedroom flats open plan keeps the habitable rooms down and allows the plan to circumvent the need to supply additional car parking spaces. Do they really think, that potential residents of the flats aren't going to own a vehicle and just a bike as stated in the plans?

On Surrey Road and additional side roads there already isn't enough spaces for local residents. This will only add to an already congested road and increase of hazards to both traffic and people alike.

The property was completed in 1965 and therefore has foundations that have been in place for 58 years. The building regulations put in place all those years ago, wouldn't meet any current regulations and or to the same standard of products used. The inability to be to reinforce the foundations or walls will put an extra strain on both properties already showing signs of cracking. No mention has been made regarding any survey being completed   

We object to this proposal.

It is poorly thought through for the residents, has had no consultation, technical or feasibility studies. And mitigating elements(which are not proposed) would most likely be 'lost' during the build project. The build itself would be hugely disruptive, costly to the residents and increase further the congestion to surrounding roads, as current car parking for existing  residents would be inaccessible during construction.

The extra occupancy going forward would be very disruptive and costly to residents in the future with the potential of increase service charges, because of the properties being added in an already under invested ageing property



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Signatures: 101Next Goal: 200
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