Opposition to Proposed Condo Development at 1601 S. Park Blvd

Opposition to Proposed Condo Development at 1601 S. Park Blvd

July 9, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Please help us. We are trying to save our neighborhood and the entrance to Krape Park from a poorly-planned, high density condominium development. Problems with this development include storm water drainage, need for new sanitary sewer, missing sidewalks, narrow roads and a poor fit with the park and neighborhood.  Please watch the attached video to better understand the negative impact of this proposed development.

The City Council has the final say on this development and has the authority to approve the zoning change.  So far:

  • The Zoning Board of Appeals voted 3-0 against the development, with 2 abstentions.  
  • The Planning Commission voted not to recommend it.
  • City professional staff do not recommend the development.
  • The owners of 8 of the 9 adjacent households are against it (the only adjacent resident in favor is one of the developers). Many other non-adjacent neighbors are against this project as well. 

Despite this the well-connected developers are pushing for the City Council to ignore advice and approve a zoning change so this can go through. The Mayor is in support of this project as noted in her column in the Journal Standard on July 11, 2021.  Mayor Miller states that Freeport “should show support for those willing to step up and take the risk, all for the betterment of Freeport”.

How are $200k condos targeted towards a very small percentage of the population a betterment of Freeport?  Especially when it is at the detriment of the unique character of the neighborhood. It would also permanently negatively change the appearance of over 300 feet of the entrance of Krape Park and the well-used boulevard path.

Do you want to see that 300-foot tree lined section replaced with the backside of 10 of the condos that would face Park Blvd.?   Do you want to see and hear several years of construction as you are trying to enjoy the park?   This would be the outcome if this development zoning change is approved by the Council.

We do NOT need another incomplete condominium development.   Fox Hollow, Rose Meadows, Meadows Drive, Terra West, Edge of the Meadows, Rye Ridge, Fox Point and Oak Brook Trail are all unfinished condo developments in Freeport.  History shows us that there are strong odds this project would end up incomplete as well.  

Please join us and sign this petition to notify City Council members that we do NOT approve of this zoning change that would allow this development to move forward.   

Please share this petition via social media, email, or text with your Freeport area family and friends (past or present) that may also be against this development.  Also, please attend upcoming City Council meetings in person if possible.  Make your voice heard!

Support now
Signatures: 815Next Goal: 1,000
Support now