Opposition to planning application for 4 Downshire Square

Opposition to planning application for 4 Downshire Square

8 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Andrew Moss

A planning application has been submitted to demolish the existing bungalow at 4 Downshire Square and construct three, 3 storey houses on the property (one detached and two semi-detached).  We the undersigned object to this planning application.

This plan will shortly be resubmitted to Reading Council planning committee most likely Wednesday 20th July (the approval was previously postponed as the councillors had concerns about the project and are planning on a site visit).  For more details on the planning application see here.

There are multiple reasons why local residents and members of the Reading Conservation Area Advisory Committee object to this application, below are some of them:

  • Not in keeping with local area - Downshire Square is a conservation area. The existing building was designed and built in the 1920s following Arts and Crafts lines. It is totally in keeping with its neighbours to the east and north which were all part of the same development. Knocking down the existing house will significantly change the character of the square.
  • Loss of light - houses nearby will suffer loss of light to windows and gardens.
  • Loss of views – houses nearby will have their view impacted due to construction of 3 story houses.
  • Overlooking existing properties, the proposed new houses are significantly taller than the existing property and closer to neighbouring properties.
  • Loss of biodiversity – the property has a well established garden.
  • Hemmed in - The proposed buildings extend to both the rear, north and south of the existing building and they are considerably bigger in bulk.
  • Parking - Finding a parking space in Downshire Square on most days is difficult. The increase in street parking will be considerable. We note the proposal has off street parking included but it will be insufficient for three households including visitors.
  • Disruption during construction - a project of this size is going to negatively impact all local residents for many months
  • Traffic - Downshire Square already has an excessive amount of traffic. Three more residences would add considerably to the volume of traffic.
  • Overturning existing covenant – 4 Downshire Square has a covenant applied to it, which benefits residents, by restricting the size and number of buildings that can be constructed on property. This plan will break that covenant.

If you agree with any of these issues, or have additional concerns of your own, please register your objection to this planning application.

Thank you for your time.

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Signatures: 79Next Goal: 100
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