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Oppose Up Zoning in Little Havana while supporting significant expansion of the proposed historic district. Say NO to GENTRIFICATION and loss of historic character of community.

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Up zoning:  We oppose up zoning.  Our position is that the City of Miami and the State of Florida need to assume their responsibility in the following matters:

  • Increased Neighborhood Service Workers; remove debris, pressure clean public areas, repair/maintain public brick/cement & landscape installations, remove unlawful graffiti, illegal dumping, beautification, maintain public lighting fully functioning in all areas including parks
  • Increase City of Miami Homeless Assistance program outreach directly into community to provide services
  • Enforce building code

Historic Preservation:  We support historic preservation.  The city has identified approx 2.5 blocks for a historic preservation site.  We are working to expand the area identified.

Background:  Little Havana is a unique neighborhood with a long history of welcoming and nurturing immigrants from all over the world.  Its' international recognition serves to make this neighborhood the most highly visited within the City of Miami, boasting 3.5 million tourists annually.  We strive to preserve its unique character and promote it for the treasure it is. Our vision is based on the authenticity of Little Havana created by its residents. We want to promote it as a heritage community protecting its community members, their life styles, and homes.  We recognize that there is a large concentration of low income immigrant residents and maintain that being poor and being newly arrived does not make one a criminal nor an undesirable.  We oppose gentrification and want to ensure that Little Havana provides safe haven and fertile ground for its community members to flourish in a family friendly environment. It is important for us to promote the wealth of culture, history, and tradition found in Little Havana as well as its walkability, unique character and colorful flair. We want to continue nurturing and promoting the talent of our local artisans, artists, culinary experts, writers, small business owners, service providers on all levels from cobblers to doctors.

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