Oppose the weakening academic standards of ECS510U in QMUL's BSc (Hons) Computer Science

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This petition aims to prevent potentially detrimental changes to the module ECS510U Algorithms and Data Structures in an Object-Oriented Framework, as well as to support its long-standing convenor, Dr Matthew Huntbach.

The module in question has provided students with a combination of important details pertaining to Java programming, as well as highly transferrable problem-solving skills. Crucially, this module has supported the development of students’ algorithmic thinking abilities in a highly actionable manner, by maintaining a grounding in real-world practice rather than entirely abstract concepts. For the 2018/2019 academic year, a number of potential changes have been hinted at, but as of yet not communicated to the students.

The module is one of the cornerstones in the education of Queen Mary University of London computer science undergraduates. The skills it teaches fulfil the demands of both academia and industry; it equips students for the ubiquitous technical interviews that characterise life in the computing field.

The signatories of this petition support the spirit embodied by the original module, as well as its original lecturer. We oppose the departure of Dr Huntbach from delivering this module, claiming he has taught the module for years with incredible passion and dedication. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the extremely detailed feedback he routinely provided, or in the extensive replies to emails and forum posts. The module rewarded genuine attempts to engage with the content and learn.

The signatories of this petition also oppose any changes that would dilute the academic content of the module. This would be a disservice both to current students, who would be deprived of important technical skills, but also to alumni who do not wish to see the reputation of their degrees reduced.

The signatories also request clarification on the specific changes being made.