Petition update

HB 217 is up for a vote TOMORROW, April 17th

NC Youth Justice
Carrboro, NC

Apr 17, 2013 — Legislators delayed a vote on HB 217 once again after acknowledging the opposition of youth advocates. The vote is expected to be called on April 17 and legislators must continue to hear ours concerns until the bill is defeated. It is critical that you continue to contact the committee members today and tomorrow. Here is the message North Carolina youth leaders are sharing:

Call tonight and leave a message for Rep. Stam (919-733-2962), Rep. Faircloth (919-733-5877) and Rep. Jordan (919-733-7727) and tell them, "I'm calling to urge you to remove the Juvenile Transfer section of HB217 at the hearing on April 17th. Thank you." Let's make sure their voicemail boxes are full when they walk into their offices in the morning. Then join us and pack the room at 10am at the General Assembly, Raleigh, in LOB421. Let's go!


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