Oppose the deployment of Ugandan forces in Congo. UPDF is there to kill and steal!

Oppose the deployment of Ugandan forces in Congo. UPDF is there to kill and steal!

November 12, 2022
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The Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni  and his family  have deliberately carried out terror, looting, plundering and exploitation of Congolese natural resources in order to accumulate personal wealth for /by themselves.
They have meted inhumane acts of raping and killing of civilians on the population, and created  a fine network of warlords to whom  they supply arms to protect and justify their evil acts  against the Congolese, where most  are killed, displaced and others led  into exile.



As you all may be aware, the EA (Great Lakes) has been a theatre of death subject of investigation by many organisations both inside and outside the region. The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Transparent International and many others have either had an interest to investigate or have investigated the Uganda situation and their findings have been well documented and published all over the world. 
 Over a dozen mass graves have been stumbled upon in the last decade or so, all containing hundreds of dead people who might never be accounted for.
A few months ago The World Court (ICJ) convicted Yoweri Museveni and slammed a staggering fine of 325 million dollars for murdering Congolese and stealing their wealth which included timber, meat, milk (ekivuguto). Diamonds, gold and  monkeys. He is therefore a criminal who should be locked behind bars. Criminals cant double as BRINGERS of peace to CONGO. Moreso, his purported participation in the peace effort in DRC and the region is nonsensical. He is the author of all this trouble. He benefits from chaos and troubles. 
Recently he created his own ebola problem in order to fleece money from the Americans, among others, a trick which the USA seems to be getting over, when they asked to carry out their own investigation to establish whether ebola had erupted in Mubende-Uganda.

Besides, the army which Yoweri Museveni has deployed in the Congo is not a credible army, since it is led by a man called Muhoozi (he is the defacto head of the army) who was described by Museveni himself as a useless drunkard. Besides, the said General Muhoozi is known to have no clear military training since he was simply catapulted thru military ranks ceremoniusly without effort. Aside from his almost non-existent military training (He went thru military institutions but did not train), his mediocre wisdom has in the recent past embarassed the country: 

1) He said wanted to attack Guinea Conakry govt for allowing a coup to happen there!

2) He said he had no problem returning the defunct Chwezi empire , which to millions in Uganda was a primitive outfit only equatable to savages.

3) He recently stunned the world when he said his army would attack and take over Nairobi ( capital of Kenya) in two weeks

This confirms our worry that since the UPDF is full of mad men like him (enkodomali in Luganda) they can not and should not be deployed to bring peace in Congo. Because we are afraid they will do mad things like raping women, looting wealth, killing people etc. 

UPDF and Museveni etc are convicted criminals who have no business involving in peace efforts anywhere on the planet. This cabal is a total embarrassment to Ugandans and friends of Uganda, and a waste of space.
We also contend that Museveni can not disarm the very militia groups which he created for the purpose of keeping himself in power. You should not rely on him. As the world court ruled,  that YOWERI MUSEVENI and ruling criminal gang were accused of entering DRC Congo illegally and murdering innocent Congolese in cold blood , stealing their wealth, which included timber , gold, diamonds, monkeys etc. Uganda has to pay a hefty fine of 325 million dollars! If YOWERI MUSEVENI and his criminal gang are left to hang around purporting to be returning peace to Congo we will pay more because the country will be on trial again! They are not in Congo to hawk peace they are there to plunder, murder and destroy lives and futures of Congolese.

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Signatures: 186Next Goal: 200
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