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Oppose the Current Plans for the Jefferson Parkway Toll Road


There are many reasons that we OPPOSE the construction of the Jefferson Parkway:

1) Loss of natural Colorado land

Studies over the years have repeatedly proven that the Parkway is an UNNECESSARY road.  There are plenty of north-south and east-west throughways that should be modernized instead of pouring tons of new concrete over much of the area’s prime parkland and pristine grassland.

2) Increased risk of CANCER and other health issues

Construction of the Parkway would stir up dirt and dust that have been proven to be contaminated with greater than average amounts of cancer-causing PLUTONIUM (from the Rocky Flats operation). This will cause an increase in cancer risk for children and families in the area.  One of the best alternate routes, keeping construction north of Rocky Flats and west of Arvada's suburbs, was axed due to it's proximity to a landfill and a mouse habitat.

3) Loss of PEACE and serenity

The proposed Parkway route is close to new Arvada subdivisions that are currently VERY peaceful and have awesome views of the front-range. A highway close by would affect quality of living, as well as resale home values. Current east-west routes are through unpopulated areas north of Arvada.

4) Loss of LOCAL transportation control

The Parkway would be a Toll Road funded and managed by FOREIGN companies who would take money out of Coloradans' pockets and send it all overseas.  If Colorado needs a road...they should build and manage it!


The foreign company managing the Parkway would demand a non-compete clause which would insist that no current FREE roads (Indiana, McIntyre, Wadsworth, and even northern SH93) get modernized.  This effort would try to force people onto the new Toll Road. 

This is currently an issue with the foreign company running the Northwest Parkway --- as they have used contractual and legal ways to BLOCK NECESSARY IMPROVEMENTS to other roads...putting OUR SAFETY at risk!

6) Loss of SANITY

The Parkway would end up dumping traffic onto SH93 southbound, which is already over utilized and moves more cars into saturated Golden. Quality of life in Golden would drop as soon as the ribbon was cut.

7) Loss of the BEST of Colorado

The Parkway is only a way for local municipalities to grow their revenue of tax dollars by creating sprawl. Current plans are for a large office/retail community with 6-story buildings right up against our mountain range, blocking and/or ruining our expansive and amazing views.

8) Much more...

We will continue to OPPOSE the Jefferson Parkway now and even after it's built.  We will NOT use it, and find alternative routes and request that our FRIENDS and RELATIVES in the area do the same!

We DO NOT appreciate all of the current BACK ROOM DEALS and MILLIONS of TAXPAYER dollars going towards PAYING OFF OPPONENTS FOR THEIR SUPPORT.  This is Colorado...NOT Washington DC!

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  • Jefferson County 1
    John Odom
  • Arvada Council 5
    Bill Ray
  • Broomfield Council 2
    Don Allard
  • Arvada Council 2
    Bob Dyer
  • Arvada Council 1
    Victoria Runkle
  • Broomfield Council 1
    Walt Spader
  • Arvada Council 4
    Marc Williams
  • Mayor of Golden, CO 1
    Jacob Smith
  • Arvada Council 6
    Don Rosier
  • Arvada Council 3
    Bill Ray
  • Broomfield Council 3
    Patrick Quinn
  • RTD Representative on JPPHA 1
    Lorraine Anderson

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