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Oppose the Ban on Fawn Rehab in Arkansas

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In regards to CWD and the ban on rehabbing orphaned baby fawns: Please allow us to continue to rehab orphaned fawns. It makes me sick to think of all of the orphaned baby animals that are potentially unaffected being left to die completely alone because of starvation or predator attacks. As rehabbers, we are supposed to release in the county of origin so this would help control CWD. We will not cross county lines and will work WITH the AGFC to ensure all precautions are taken. If rehabbers aren't allowed to take fawns in, the animal lovers in Arkansas will, illegal or not. Arkansas loves animals and they don't want to see innocent babies die! At least with permitted rehabbers doing it, you know that we are regulated and have to follow guidelines. Ban rehabbing in the counties of confirmed CWD but please don't punish us in central Arkansas that have yet to see it.

I've gotten 7 calls for fawns today alone! I thought I would share another phone call that was just received: Fawn in Sherwood. Has been in the guy's yard for 3 days with no sign of mom. Called animal control and AGFC with no response. Finally got my name, and I'm the first one that's talked to him. Says he'll destroy it if he can't find someone to pick up since he doesn't want it to suffer. This is the reality. So many babies are going to die because of this ban on rehabbing fawns and I don't understand the lack of care or compassion from the state of Arkansas. Please voice your opinion as loud as you can to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission or whoever will listen. Now he's worried that the baby has already died from the heat and dehydration because of the lack of the response and no one would help. This is unacceptable from the "Natural State" that claims to have such a love and appreciation for nature and God's creatures.

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