Oppose Southampton's Ban on Surfing

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Today, the Southampton Police Department suddenly decided to enforce a 40-year-old Southampton Village regulation (#80-1) that bans surfing of any kind (including non-lessons) on all Southampton beaches. The ban applies from 9am-6pm from June 15 to September 15 on all village beaches from Old Town to Halsey Neck. Violations are penalized with a fine of up to $1,000. Many of us surfers were told by the police that they would tell us to get out of the ocean and give us tickets if we went in. This understandably caused disruptions and concern among those of us who love the sport. Please support the petition to overturn this ban altogether. 

There will be also "surf-in" protest on Agawam Beach, next to the Bathing Corporation at 11am on Sunday, August 18th. We'll be getting in the water at 11 o’clock sharp and see if they mean it. Even if you don’t surf, we’d love to see you there on the shoreline in solidarity.