Oppose re-zoning/commercial development behind Signal Crossing Shopping Center, Taft Hwy

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We, the following residents of Signal Mountain and Walden, oppose rezoning the eight acres behind the Signal Crossing shopping center from Low Density Residential to Highway Commercial and ask the Signal Mountain Town Council to reject the request. To permit such rezoning would violate the Town Council’s responsibility to promote the prosperity, safety, and general welfare of its residents.  It would also threaten present and future residential areas from encroachment by incompatible land uses. In addition, it would detract from the appeal of the community we value so greatly.  

This rezoning would set a major precedent of allowing commercial development to encroach into a residential neighborhood as it touches over twenty residential properties. Rezoning this land to highway commercial not only detracts from the character and integrity of these residential homes, but also it takes value away from these homes and transfers it to this eight acre commercial property, an injustice to the residents surrounding it and an injustice to our town.

Our town absolutely does not need more commercial buildings. With the constant business turnover in our town, there are plenty of empty commercial spaces available for usage.

We also know once this zoning has changed to commercial, ANYTHING (mini-storage, convenient store, etc.) could be developed on this property, further detracting from property values, as well as the small, local businesses already serving our community.

As residents of a mountain community, we do not want our quaint town turned into a replica of the hodge-podge of businesses at the foot of the mountain. The Town of Signal Mountain is unique and needs to be treated as such! We want to see the character of our noteworthy, wooded community maintained.

We cherish the natural beauty and the small town atmosphere of Signal Mountain. We have settled here for what it is. For all the above reasons, we fervently request that you deny the rezoning request by Keith Corporation.


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