Oppose or Amend Wisconsin Bill (AB487/SB450) That Would Shorten Stray Hold for Lost Pets

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Oppose or Amend Wisconsin Bill (AB487/SB450) That Would Shorten Stray Hold for Lost Pets

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Lost Dogs of Wisconsin started this petition to Representative Spiros and the Wisconsin Assembly and

A bill has been introduced into the Wisconsin State Legislature that seeks to reduce the required stray hold for found animals from the current seven days to only four days. This means that your lost pet could be adopted out, transferred to another facility or put down after  being held at a shelter or stray holding facility for only four days. You may not even know where your pet is yet!

The rest of the bill improves the outcome for Court Case dogs - dogs that are seized from cruelty situations. We support this endeavor. But we do NOT support reducing the stray hold for lost pets from 7 days to 4 days. 

Stray holding facilities can include shelters, vet clinics, town offices, boarding kennels, police departments and independent contractors who may hold the impounded pets in their garage or barn. These facilities do not cross communicate and many of them do not post photos of animals they are holding on line. Lost cats and dogs may easily cross jurisdictional boundaries and/or be picked up by a Good Samaritan and end up in a facility a long ways from where they went missing. 

Most Wisconsin shelters and stray holding facilities do not meet the minimum standards recommended by the ASPCA for returning lost pets to their owners. We lack the basic framework for a good Return to Owner system for lost pets. AND now Wisconsin wants to lessen the time owners have to find their pets.  

We oppose this portion of the bill (AB487 and SB450) and would support legislation that mandates minimum requirements for shelters and stray holding facilities (such as scanning for microchips and notifying the public of impounded pets) and standardized reporting of statistics to the state. For more information visit www.lostdogsofwisconsin.org  In 2015, Lost Dogs of Wisconsin helped safely reunite 2830 dogs with their owners. 


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This petition had 46,121 supporters

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