Oppose Olivia Jade on Youtube! Share #DeleteOliviaJade #CollegeAdmissionsScandal


Oppose Olivia Jade on Youtube! Share #DeleteOliviaJade #CollegeAdmissionsScandal

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Annika RowlIson started this petition to Susan Wojcicki (CEO of Youtube -located in YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, CA)

"Legal experts have said there is strong evidence that Olivia Jade Giannulli knowingly participated in her parents’ scheme to get her fraudulently admitted to the University of Southern California as a faux crew team recruit..." - The Mercury News, 2019

What happened: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI) alleges that thirty-three parents of high school students conspired with other people to use bribery and other forms of fraud to illegally arrange to have their children admitted to elite colleges and universities. One of these charged families is the Giannulli family.

Who was involved: Olivia Jade Giannulli (a Youtuber/Influencer) and her sister Isabella Giannulli are the daughters of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli. Mossimo is a fashion designer and Lori is an actress best known for her role as Aunt Becky in Full house. The family reside in Los Angles, California.

The alleged crimes: Olivia Jade's parents allegedly agreed to a pay bribes totalling $500,000 (USD) in exchange for having their two daughters (Olivia Jade and Isabella) designated as recruits to the University of Southern California (USC) crew team—despite the fact that they allegedly did not participate in crew—thereby facilitating their admission to USC. (In America, crew is rowing). 

The scandal: It has been approximately nine months since the scandal first broke. As a result of the scandal, her parents have been charged with conspiring to commit federal programs bribery, conspiring to commit mail fraud and money laundering. Olivia Jade has been mostly quiet on social media since the scandal first broke. These are serious crimes that the Giannulli family are accused of. Lori and her husband are facing up to 50 years if found guilty. These alleged crimes are not victimless. Due to these alleged crimes, at least one student (likely two) may have possibly lost a college spot that was taken by Olivia Jade and her sister, Isabella. A student who possibly had worked hard to get good grades and poured blood, sweat and tears into crew and/or grades has had their spot stolen.

The Youtube video: On December 1, 2019, Olivia Jade uploaded a video called "hi again" on her Youtube channel (Olivia Jade), stating that she would like to come back to Youtube and continue to make vlogs (video logs) on her Youtube channel and the like as a Youtuber. 

Why the Youtube community is angry: As any hardworking student would know, the hours, determination and sacrifice it takes to achieve high grades, slaving away at assignments, studying for exams for weeks if not months, and the stress, anxiety, and worry that comes with it, filled with concern on whether your marks are good enough to get into college to follow your dreams and build a future for yourself. Any student, athlete or any person for that matter, who has ever put in honest, hard work to achieve something, know the dedication that it takes, and to have someone think they can just buy it is offensive, to say the least. On top of that, for many in America, college can be the ticket to a better future for themselves and their families. In many cases plunging themselves and their families into debt for the hope of a better life. There are students who are homeless and living in vans just for the opportunity to go to college and receive an education. Olivia Jade has stated on multiple occasions that she does not care about school and the gift of education. On top of all this, the $500,000 was paid towards a fake charity to help underprivileged kids. Talk about ironic. 

Olivia's attitude to the gift of higher education: "It's so hard to try in school when you don't care about anything you're learning", "I'm literally never at school, I think my class doesn't even—maybe they forget I go there...", "but I do want the experience of like game days, partying. I don’t really care about school, as you guys all know", "I don't want to wake up. I don't want to go to school. I hate school" and, I just don't like school in general."

Her family's response: Her family has been completely unapologetic. When her mother was charged, she showed up at the courthouse smiling, laughing and signing autographs. Lori and her husband Mossimo have refused to take a plea deal and pleaded not guilty despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against them including voice recordings of them admitting to the crime.

Mossimo's Giannulli's recorded conversation: CW-1 (Cooperating Witness-1, Rick Singer, the mastermind of the scheme): "And, of course, I’m not gonna say anything about your payments going to Donna Heinel (the senior associate athletic director at the USC) at USC to get the girls into USC, through crew." GIANNULLI: "Sure".

Lori's Loughlin's recorded conversation: CW-1: "So what I-- what I wa-- I told Moss already and I wanted to make sure that you knew, as well, if they happened to call you, is that nothing has been said about the girls, your donations helping the girls get into USC to do." LOUGHLIN: "Okay." CW-1: "--crew even though they didn’t do crew. So nothing like that has been ever mentioned." LOUGHLIN: [inaudible] CW-1: "If you ever-- ever were to say anything." LOUGHLIN: "So we-- so we just-- so we just have to say we made a donation to your foundation and that’s it, end of story." CW-1: "That is correct." LOUGHLIN "Okay."

"In one vlog that was widely circulated after the indictments, Olivia Jade shows off the products in her dorm room, all of which had been procured via some sort of sponsorship deal with Amazon Prime. (Many have pointed out that this monetization of her college existence is insult added to the injury of her alleged fraudulent admission to the university.)" -Vanity fair, 2019

Olivia Jade's response: When the media reported on these alleged crimes, Olivia Jade flipped off (gave the middle finger too) the media in the now infamous Instagram photo. When Olivia Jade uploaded the "hi again" video, she didn't apologise to her subscribers, the student(s) whose spots were stolen or the wider community. She showed no remorse or regret. Instead, she made the video about herself and what she wanted to do (come back to Youtube and continue her channel). She stated, "I actually really really miss it like I genuinely miss filming" So, instead of taking responsibility and apologising, she is upset because this scandal has impeded her ability to film hauls, makeup videos and the like for herself. It is understandable that she cannot speak on the scandal as it is before the courts, but she is able to apologise and make amends for her alleged actions.

"Admissions is usually a zero-sum game, so it’s probable she took a spot from someone who might have deserved it more" - Vanity fair, 2019

The petition: The fact that Olivia Jade can even think that with no apology, no remorse being shown and making no amends for her alleged actions, that the Youtube community would even accept her back after allegedly stealing another student's college spot, is frankly, delusional and the height of entitlement. The level of apparent callous disregard for her subscribers, hardworking students, and the Youtube community is staggering. Youtube should not support someone who has been accused of allegedly participating in criminal bribery, mail fraud, and money laundering scheme with overwhelming evidence against them. When her mother and/or father have been found guilty, Youtube should delete Olivia Jade's Youtube account to send the message that lying, cheating and fraudulent actions to get into college is NOT OK. Olivia Jade is a privileged woman due to her parent's fame and wealth, and yet it still wasn't enough, so she allegedly participated in this criminal scheme at the expense of a hardworking student to benefit only herself. This petition will be sent to Youtube's head office to request that they delete her account if/when her parents are found guilty.

The comments and dislikes: On her most recent video upload on Youtube, "hi again", it is clear in the comments of that video that the Youtube community does not want her back on Youtube. Two days after the uploading of her video there are 89000 dislikes. As of the 3rd of December, 2019, there are 39,830 comments. The overwhelming majority of comments are negative. Only about approximately 1-2% of the comments appear positive and/or neutral. The comments clearly state the community's feelings on the scandal:

"People just want you to be honest and genuine but also not act like nothing happened or that the situation wasn’t serious", "But...the words “sorry” didn’t come out of her mouth once...", "You should leave YouTube, don't come back", "Delete your Youtube account", "The audacity of this girl... first video uploaded should've been you taking accountability for your actions to your subscribers and apologising, not a video saying how much you've wanted to come back..", "Youtube should not support this girl, she is a poor role model", "Imagine taking away a spot in college that you didn't deserve from somebody with less money but who deserves it, because of entitlement", "You're the epitome of selfishness", "Shame on you for taking a deserving student's place in uni", "One day you'll have to answer for all the broken moral, ethics, and people you hurt", "If she isn't rejected as an "influencer" now.. there's little hope for society, you know, many of us are studying really hard for finals and/or SATS right now. This is a kick in the face.", "You should have been INDICTED along with your mom. Anyone else would have been. You knowingly went along with that stuff as evidenced by your social media rowing posts. Just....stay off of social media and be lucky you're not facing 2-5 years in the federal pen". The negative comments go on and on.

Some of the more heartbreaking messages from this alleged crime"I have no sympathy for her. She had rich parents who allegedly bribed her into school. My father was dirt poor. He fought for a scholarship. He would’ve had nothing if it weren’t for that scholarship. He had no shoes, no heat and sometimes no water or food. And she bribed her way into one of the best unis', which she’d probably never use beyond her YouTube career" and "families travel to the United States in hope for better opportunities for them and their children, students work hard long, hours to bring up their grades and prepare for tests, yet many of these students don’t get into the schools of their choice. It is horrible to think that these innocent people lost their chance to someone who didn’t get into the school fairly."

The affidavit: According to the affidavit by the FBI it appears that Olivia Jade was a willing participant in the criminal scheme. Please view the affidavit for yourself. The accusations start on page 88. https://www.justice.gov/file/1142876/download 

Excerpts from the affidavit: CW-1 (Cooperating Witness-1, Rick Singer, the mastermind of the scheme) replied, “With [your younger daughter] (Olivia Jade) please let me know if there is a similar need anywhere so we do not lose a spot.” GIANNULLI (Mossimo) responded, “Yes [our younger daughter] as well,” and LOUGHLIN (Lori) added, “Yes USC for [our younger daughter]!” CW-1 replied, “So work to acquire [U]SC? As soon as the semester is over I will need a transcript and test scores.” On or about July 16, 2017, CW-1 e-mailed the GIANNULLIS requesting information for the crew profile. CW-1 indicated that the profile would present their younger daughter, falsely, as a crew coxswain for the L.A. Marina Club team, and requested that the GIANNULLIS send an “Action Picture.” Four days later, CW-1 sent the GIANNULLIS a second request, noting, “If we want USC I will need a transcript, test scores and picture on the ERG (ergometer/rowing machine).” LOUGHLIN, copying GIANNULLI, replied later that day, “Moss will get this done. We are back in town on Monday.” On or about July 28, 2017, GIANNULLI, copying LOUGHLIN, e-mailed CW-1 a photograph of their younger daughter (Olivia Jade) on an ergometer (rowing machine). Heinel presented the GIANNULLIS’ (Olivia Jade) younger daughter to the USC subcommittee for athletic admissions on or about November 2, 2017. At the meeting, the subcommittee approved her conditional admission to the university. Less than two weeks later, on or about November 16, 2017, CW-1 sent the GIANNULLIS an e-mail bearing the subject line, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” with their younger daughter’s conditional acceptance letter attached. LOUGHLIN responded, “This is wonderful news! [High-Five Emoji].” CW-1 replied: “Please continue to keep hush hush till March.” LOUGHLIN responded: “Yes of course.”

Olivia Jade's culpability: From reading the affidavit it becomes obvious that Olivia Jade very likely knew of this alleged fraudulent scheme. From allegedly posing on the ergometer for a photo, presenting herself at the USC subcommittee as a crew coxswain, entering the college on the basis of being part of the rowing team, her high school counselor disputing the fact that she may not be a coxswain. Excerpt from the affidavit: CW-1 (Cooperating Witness-1, Rick Singer, the mastermind of the scheme): has advised investigators that, in or about late 2017, a guidance counselor from the high school attended by GIANNULLIS’ daughters inquired of the younger daughter about her sister’s athletic recruitment to USC. According to CW-1, the counselor did not believe that either of the GIANNULLIS’ daughters participated in crew, and was concerned that their applications may have contained misleading information. In addition, on or about December 12, 2017, LOUGHLIN e-mailed CW-1, copying GIANNULLI and their younger daughter (Olivia Jade), to request guidance on how to complete the formal USC application, in the wake of her daughter’s provisional acceptance as a recruited athlete. 

The community's response: Even though Olivia Jade's sponsorship deals (with Amazon, Sephora, etc. have been taken away and that there has been an outpouring of outrage from the scandal, she still doesn't seem to get the point that she has done something wrong. Therefore, it is now up to the community to hold her accountable for her alleged participation in this criminal conspiracy. We as a society cannot accept that people who are undeserving to be in college can just buy a spot and take away from those who actually worked for it.

Why this scandal is concerning: These actions undermine the efforts of honest students who apply to these colleges legally. Many hardworking students are disheartened after finding out that some students were just paying their way in. There is a legal way to enter the colleges by buying a building for all students to use and then your child might have a higher chance of getting into the college. This is not the same thing. This fraudulent way of getting into college has many repercussions from the student who got in fraudulently not being able to keep up with the work, and therefore using up the university's resources (taking away teaching time from other students) to putting society at risk if they choose a job with a duty of care (e.g. doctors, lawyers, psychologists, etc.) from entering college based on a direct bribe. Limited spots at colleges will be taken up by students who do not care about school or show the dedication and take it seriously. Therefore, decent, honest, talented and hardworking students will be excluded from the college, thus damaging society.

What you can do: Please sign this petition for Youtube to remove this apparently unscrupulous individual who is appearing to be sorely lacking in morals and remorse for her alleged behaviour. She should not have the privilege of being a Youtuber anymore, due to her alleged morally corrupt and selfish actions. She is not a good role model for her audience which is likely made up of tweens, teens and young adults in their 20's due to her age. By signing this petition, you are saying no to bribery, entitlement, scams, fraud, and selfishness. As a student myself who worked hard and honestly to get into college, I am disgusted by this behaviour. Please support the community's response to this shameful scandal by signing this petition so we can put wrongs right again and build a better society. 

"There is sufficient evidence that Olivia Jade and her sister knew of the fraudulent conspiracy, agreed to participate in it, and took overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracy, it’s even possible that Isabella and Olivia Jade could be charged in the case, or that prosecutors will use their alleged involvement to pressure their parents into finally taking a plea deal" -former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani, Mercury News, 2019

Any donations will go to marketing this petition. Please sign and share this petition. Share using #DeleteOliviaJade


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This petition made change with 25 supporters!

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