Oppose Leeds City Council's planned bus lanes on the A61 in Alwoodley

If the council want to spend the 'cancelled trolley bus slush fund' then ban parking on the A61, provide a properly segregated cycle path, get rid of the ridiculous lights to do a U turn near alwoodley gates, make the grammar school pay for the impact they make on traffic flows, ban all parking / waiting / drop off in the vicinity of the grammar school. Make the outer ring road fully dual carriageway with a local only access road all the way from the end of the east leeds orbital to where the dual carriageway exists at the moment. Ban parking on the A61 at all times, provide bus stops off the main carriageway, stop all private hire vehicles and taxis from receiving public funding to 'upgrade' their vehicles Also provide a flyover at the A61 A6120 roundabout. Above all build quickly. 12 months for the outer ringroad 'junction improvements' is an absolute joke.

Martin Evans, United Kingdom
3 years ago
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