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This is a call to all kiteboarders. Please help save Kailua beach. A bill is being proposed to ban kiteboarding instruction at Kailua beach park. The Bill's focus is on tour buses and kayaks but kiteboarding will be an innocent victim of this Bill. Kailua beach is the only beach on Oahu to learn how to kite. If this Bill passes we will loose kiteboarding for everyone at Kailua beach. Supporters ofBill 11 have lots of power and money and include Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks who stands to gain a monopoly on activities at Kailua Beach. (minus kiteboarding) The Bill passed first reading and goes to its final vote on May 9th. If it passes we will be killing kiteboarding on one of the beaches it was born. We need everyone's support. 

Letter to
Honolulu City Council Romy Cachola
Honolulu City Council Ikaika Anderson
Honolulu City Council Tom Berg
and 5 others
Honolulu City Council Ann Kobayashi
Honolulu City Council Breene Harimoto
Honolulu City Council Stanley Chang
Honolulu City Council Nestor Garcia
Representative Tulsi Gabbard
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Honolulu City Council.

Oppose Bill 11 CD1

Preserve kiteboarding access to Kailua Beach Park.

Jeff Tobias