Opposal of "tiny house" community at 9125 Snow Hill Road

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We, the following individuals and residents of the Snow Hill community, strongly oppose and ask that the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or any other governmental agency reject the request for a planned unit development by applicant Barry Kidwell for the property located at 9125 Snow Hill Road in Ooltewah. Case # 2016-065 scheduled hearing date May 9, 2016. Per the meeting on Monday, May 2nd, The applicant Barry Kidwell is requesting a planned homeless "tiny home" community, which would be completely out of character with the current residential neighborhood along Mahan Gap Road and Snowhill Road. With the building of this proposed community, we feel that this would have a negative impact on the surrounding community and current residents. As well as severely impacting homes and property values surrounding the area. Additionally, this planned unit development could cause unwarranted changes to the property taxes for all current residents of the Snow Hill and Ooltewah community located near or adjacent to this proposed development. We, the undersigned individuals, strongly oppose and request that the planned unit development proposal be denied/rejected by all parties involved with the Zoning and Planning commission. This is by no means an attempt to "ignore" the homeless. This rural area does not have public transportation or jobs within walking distance of the proposed site to help someone rebuild their life. Please keep in mind that this plan was not shared with the public but "hidden" until this past Monday.

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