Have Police Intervention within Down Town Ottawa

Have Police Intervention within Down Town Ottawa

February 2, 2022
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What we are calling for is the RCMP, OPP Ontario Provincial Police, Ottawa Police and Government officials to end the out of hand rally within downtown Ottawa. This rally has caused students and residents within the area to feel unsafe. Local students have had racial slurs yelled at them as they attempt to make it to their educational institutions. This rally has gone form a group exercising their freedoms, to now, the same protestors infringing upon local residents rights and freedoms. Everyone should have the right to feel safe within the Nation's Capital.

The Protest has gone on far too long and its taking a toll on the citizens within Ottawa.

What the protestors have done thus far:

  • Desecrated The National War Memorial
  • Threatened homeless shelter workers for food
  • Defaced the statue of Terry Fox, A national Hero of Canada
  • Allowed white supremist, Nazi Supporters and other racist symbols and individuals to stay in their protest
  • Kept residence of the Downtown up during the evening with constant horn blowing and disrupting noise
  •  Used public streets as restrooms and defecated on private property of individuals within the city
  • Intimidated Students in their place of employment attempting to make a living to make ends meat.
  • Built dangerous makeshift fuel holding shed in the middle of Down Town, very close to the Hill, Containing large amounts of combustible materials such as: Propane, Gasoline and Desal fuel. Thus, creating a safety issue for all downtown residence and businesses.  

What we want as a response to our Officials that have sworn to uphold the law and protect its Citizen and their rights:

  • STRONGER  Police Presence within Down Town Ottawa
  • Swift Police Action to be taken against individuals who bear racist, anti sematic and derogatory symbols.
  • End the constant blaring of horns after a reasonable hour within the evening (11PM) as is any noise within the city due to party, protest or other gatherings must be kept to a minimum as established by Law.
  • to insure the Public feels safe within the Nations Capital again.
  • END the ILLEGAL Blockade of vital routes within the Down town area such as Wellington, Queen, Laurier, etc.


The amount of leeway this group of protestors has been given by law enforcement has been shocking as other groups would not have been shown such leeway.

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Signatures: 166Next Goal: 200
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