Should Opotiki District Council’s Ratepayer Fund the Proposed Opotiki Harbour Development?

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Recently Opotiki District Council’s request for $145 Million dollars from Central Government to build the Proposed Harbour Development (Two Groynes at the mouth of Waioweka River) was declined.  Central Government considered the proposal to be economically not viable and too high a risk.   

The Mayor and some of the current elected Councillors have made public statements saying they intend to carry on with a revised proposal and try and find ways to fund it. 

The concern is that it may or may not involve ratepayers being asked to service millions of dollars in loans for this proposal.

When the proposed Harbour Development was first muted, it was a core principle that ratepayers would not be asked to fund this proposal. The proposal was supposed to attract private sector investors.  

Opotiki District Council Ratepayers should not be seen as the bank of last resort.

The concern is that Council will seek to raise a loan for any revised proposed Harbour Development that will in part or in total fall to ratepayers to repay / service the debt.

Opotiki District Council’s Rates are currently very high and many families find they are struggling to pay their existing rates. 

We want to send a message to the Opotiki District Council that Ratepayers do not want to be burdened with loans repayments to fund the proposed Harbour Development.  Any revised proposed Harbour Development should proceed only if and when central government and the private sector is willing to invest in it. 

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