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Prevent the closure of Warrington Your Way Mental Health Service

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Warrington Borough Council (WBC) have announced plans to pull funding from Warrington Your Way - a mental health service on Allen street in the centre of the town. The decision will force the closure of a vital service in a town which is already failing to meet the needs of those suffering with mental illness.

In an audit which appears to make up the backbone of WBC's decision, it is made clear that "[Warrington You Way] is meeting the needs of a small core group of individuals." It is also noted that "Current Warrington Your Way members describe the service as a life line and a safe place"

Alleged issues with the service delivery of the centre (which its members strongly contest) are attributed to poor marketing, "staff sickness" and "inconsistency of support from the new provider." It is, frankly, preposterous that closure of the centre is regarded as the solution to those problems.

Warrington Your Way, for it's service members, is a beacon of light in an incredibly bleak landscape. Members have been told the centre will close in October 2017 and have not been given a viable alternative or sufficient after-care upon hearing the decision. Less than a week after receiving the devastating news about the proposed closure more than 50 members had co-signed a letter formally appealing the decision. Their objections are clear:

The service members reject the validity of the audit on the following grounds:
- The majority of the figures used in the audit are taken from a incredibly small window (3 months) and appear to have been "cherry picked."
- There are inconsistencies within the data presented. For example, the audit suggests that the service only serves 40 core members but lists positive outcomes for more than 66 members.
- The audit outlines the aims of the service and fails to adequately explain how it is failing to deliver on any of them. 
- Data included with the audit was collected unethically and unfairly. Specifically, service members were asked to give centre feedback to an advocacy service, without being informed how their answers would be used.

Our objectives are two-fold. Firstly, to ensure that the initial decision to close the centre is reversed. And, secondly, to ensure that decisions regarding the future of the lives of persons suffering with mental illness in Warrington are based on more than a hastily thrown together, half-cocked, part audit.

Our government has pledged to improve mental health services in the UK. They're proposing to take away a lifeline and a safe space from the mentally ill people of Warrington. Please sign our petition to show that you care about the well-being of those people.

Prevent the closure of Warrington Your Way.

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