OpenTable: Zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and sexual assault

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Celebrity Chef Mario Batali has stepped away from his restaurant empire due to sexual harassment accusations, but he still continues to profit from it. And so does OpenTable, who still partners with him.

There are multiple allegations against Batali. At least five women allege that Batali touched them inappropriately as part of a pattern of inappropriate behavior that spans at least two decades.

The last year has seen some of the biggest names in food held accountable because of sexual harassment and sexual assault scandals: Mario Batali, John Besh, Mike Isabella. These chefs were hit with allegations ranging from sexual harassment and verbal abuse, to rape and sexual assault.

But despite some of these scandals, these big chefs are still profiting from people who go and eat at their restaurants. Batali alone is making tens of millions of dollars a year while diners continue to frequent his restaurants.

OpenTable launched their own project called “Open Kitchen”, a “campaign to get restaurants to run their “businesses so that no one is harassed or discriminated against.”

Yet despite running this campaign, OpenTable still profits off of restaurants that are run by chefs accused of sexual assault and harassment — including Mario Batali.

What does justice mean for a chef who has admitted to decades worth of harassment who continues to profit from his empire? To get any semblance of justice, it's up to us to demand more from those that partner with sexual harassers. 

OpenTable prides itself on being the go-between between the diner and restaurants. To truly be a partner with consumers, it has to cut ties with restaurateurs that have been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

OpenTable: institute a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and sexual assault.