Open The International Borders Australia

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As Australians we are blessed to live in a country with many freedoms. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, International borders have closed and a strict travel ban has been imposed. This greatly impedes on our freedom of movement. A basic human right we have been denied since March 2020. We aren't able to travel to see family and attend important events globally. Many families have been separated for months on end and desperately seeking return to their homes. Exemptions are stringent and sometimes too late. Travel bans are loosening worldwide yet Australia has remained stagnant. 

We acknowledge the importance of infection control and willingly agree to undergo testing, abide by safety measures and quarantine arrangements, however, we request that our human right to freedom of movement be reinstated. This has caused a great deal of anguish for many Australians and citizens abroad. We ask that you consider our plea to open the borders. 

We ask that our concerns be addressed. We urge discussion regarding solutions that can be undertaken to restore our travel liberties in a safe manner for all. 

Our aim at the very least, is to gain awareness and momentum to open up constructive dialogue. Let's extend our compassion not only to health concerns but also to those facing hardship due to restriction of movement. Australia, we can do better ❤️.