Open Records for all Adoptees!

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We, adoptees, are no longer forever children. We have grown to adulthood in the same United States as all non-adoptees, without the same rights as all others. Our playing field is not the same. Society has put stigmas, shame, and inequitable treatment, on us. All human beings deserve the right to know who we are, and where we come from. Our third party contract that WE did not sign, should be null and void now. Give all of us involved in the Adoption Triad, a choice - finally. Let us have our original birth certificates, which most non-adoptees take for granted. Let birth parents, birth grandparents, birth siblings, birth aunt, birth uncles, and birth cousins make their own choices to reunite or not. Give us the freedom that we deserve, just like everyone else. Please open our records. We are long overdue.

 It takes resources to help make our voices heard (writing campaigns, marketing, etc.) We need to write constantly to our elected officials to help gain their support and voice in getting bills moved. The more voices we have the bigger impact we will make, in order to do that we need different marketing techniques to reach a vast audience. We want 2019 to be the year we make major moves for the adoption triad community! To help please click here.