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Call for industrial action and state-wide delegates meeting to build the fight to reject the budget

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The Liberal National government’s proposed budget is one of the biggest attacks on workers and welfare in the last 30 years. The attacks are aimed at pushing a user pays, market logic further into education, healthcare and welfare, to cut essential services and rights.

Abbott has made clear he is also looking to scrap the minimum wage and penalty rates.

There is massive public opposition to Abbott and the Liberal government. The 20,000 at Melbourne’s stop work rally showed the potential to beat Abbott. We need to strike hard now to stop the budget while we still can.

We can’t rely on the budget being blocked in the Senate or wait two years for the next federal election.

John Howard was almost a one-term wonder, but the anger against his first term attacks was allowed to dissipate and he stayed on for 13 years. 

Unions NSW has initiated an important all-unions and community rally on Sunday July 6.

But Abbott’s budget is an attack on all workers, and it will take all our unions, and mass opposition and strike action to fight it.

We need a rank-and-file run campaign to reject the budget.

The unions’ Your Rights at Work campaign, that was central to defeating the Howard Liberal government, had workplace and local campaign groups and most importantly mass national days of action and strikes.

Crucially, the strikes and mass rallies of hundreds of thousands of workers were built out of mass delegates’ meetings of thousands.

The well-attended delegates meeting organised by Unions NSW on June 12 unfortunately did not discuss amendments for further industrial action but support for this was clear.

We need further mass delegates meetings to plan the next steps in the campaign.

We the undersigned call on our unions and Unions NSW to:

1. Organise another daytime mass delegates meeting of all unions the week after July 6 to plan for a NSW-wide strike; and

2. Call a week-day stop work protest against the budget and co-ordinate with the ACTU and other state union peak bodies to turn this into a national day of action.

INITIAL SIGNATORIES: Susan Price (NTEU); Nick Riemer (NTEU); Jim McIlroy (retired CPSU); Liam Cohrs (MUA); Pip Hinman (NTEU); Joanne Faulkner (NTEU); John Gauci (NSWTF); Michael Karadjis (NTEU); Raul Bassi (TWU delegate); Andrew Chuter (NTEU); Noreen Navin (NSWTF); Anabel Morales Nogues (PSA Central Councillor); Howard Byrnes (CFMEU state councillor, cttee management construction division delegate); Sarah Gregson (President NTEU UNSW); Sharlene Leroy-Dyer (NSW Division Indigenous Representative on the Indigenous Policy Committee (NTEU)); Peter Perkins (National Assistant Secretary (Railway Sector) RBTU); Mark Goudkamp (NSWTF); John Morris (NSWTF); Stephen Stephenac, CPSU delegate, Bureau of Meteorology; Jean Parker (NTEU); Kevin Lin (NTEU); Matt Meagher (NSWTF); Clare Fester (NUW); Jimmy Yan (NUW); Steve O'Brien (PSA/CPSU delegate); Shane Bentley (MUA Sydney); Mich-Elle Myers (MUA Sydney); Vin Francis (MUA Sydney); Campbell Duguan (MUA); Doug Heath (MUA); Adrian Evans (MUA); Paul Keating (MUA); Damien Martin (MUA); Garry Keane (MUA); Greg Tarlinton (MUA); Luke Miller (MUA); Antonin Stonjek (MUA); Tanith Sweetnam (MUA); Erina Daymond (MUA); Paul Maney (MUA); Warren Nugent (MUA); Anne Picot (NTEU); Evan Gray (NSW Teachers' Federation, NUS); Brad Tarlington (MUA); Yarni Stephens (CPSU); L. Ward (MUA); Max Schulzer (NUS); Anna Fowler (NUS); A Johnstone (NUS); Bea Bliele (NTEU; 

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