#SavePeopleNotPlanes: Red Lines for Aviation Bail-outs

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Profits for the Airlines - Risks for the tax payers?

More than 60.000 people already support our demand to put people and the climate first when talking about bailouts. But we need your help now, to put even more pressure on politicians.

Within the last week we received some worrying news! In Germany Lufthansa asks for state aid while at the same time it lays off their workers. In the UK EasyJet gave millions of dollars to their shareholders in the last weeks, before now asking for bailouts. Also on the international level our fears are being confirmed. The airlines, united in the IATA, are in the middle of a large-scale lobby campaign.  According to leaked documents they are using the corona-crisis to lobby for tax breaks and subsidies.

We can't let this happen!!! And we need your support to stop it!

So please help us to prevent those developments in your country and
spread the petition among your friends and networks. Together we can
save people and the climate!

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1 year ago